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  1. maryanne16

    anyone couldn't complete and submit their pip?

    jst wondering how many people didn't get to hand in their pip either because they couldn't be bothered or didn't finish? my friend couldn't care less she handed in 2 chapters and an introduction only lols...her words: "It's fine, I won't need PIp marks for tafe next year" lolz
  2. maryanne16

    donate pips that received awards?

    hey guys...i jst want to ask those who did their pips last year and got an award for it, if they can post up one or two of their chapters here in bos that would be great...I jst feel a lil off track with constructing mine and would jst like sum guidance via other ppl's work and compare wat i...
  3. maryanne16

    R U A Dreamweaver Xpert??

    help!!!...gosh...i need to use dreamweaver for a major project for ipt...i decided to make websites for our formal this year...i just have one problem..when i try to upload a page onto a server...the text but not my background and images has that "x" marked at the please