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  1. sukiyaki

    Buy and Sell thread

    Re: Buy and Sell thread - Sem 1 and 2 selling accg350 text both of them :D pm me
  2. sukiyaki

    language major in economics/commerce/bba

    in bba yes =) the others im guessing not
  3. sukiyaki

    ACCG 253 preparation for final exam!

    they have linear interpolation in the exam this time? oh ouch
  4. sukiyaki

    Procrastination#1: Scariest thing that has ever happened to you?

    sounds like sleep paralysis I had that before it freak me out :(
  5. sukiyaki

    Macquarie Uni Bac Commerce or bac Business Admin

    business admin is more of the management side you can always combine them if you can't decide
  6. sukiyaki

    Buy and Sell thread

    Re: Buy and Sell thread - Sem 1 and 2 Still Selling: ACCG355 please pm me merci ;)
  7. sukiyaki

    Buy and Sell thread

    Re: Buy and Sell thread - Sem 1 and 2 Selling: accg355 - management information systems - managing the digital firm by kenneth C.Laudon, tenth edition. $60 bba313 - Marketing mistakes and successes by Robert H.Hartley, tenth edition. $30 bba351/311 - book of readings from 2007 semester 2...
  8. sukiyaki

    Supplementary Exams

    Perhaps they have mark your exam and knew that you have pass and they are thinking you may get a worst off mark in the supplementary exam (considering how you been sick lately) but thats just a random though that pop into my head.. goodluck for the other exam!
  9. sukiyaki

    Can someone clarify this for me

    ^ you might find it sometimes that it kicks you out of the subject
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    Buy and Sell thread

    Re: Buy and Sell thread - Sem 1 and 2 selling: accg253 accg355
  11. sukiyaki

    Insufficient ACCG323 attendance = instant fail?

    ^ yes, i did it and i managed to pass (in terms of that quote) usually with the attendance they let you off the hook if you do good in the exam, it varies with each subject but i always make sure to attend in case ~_~
  12. sukiyaki

    End of Exams...start of freedom

    aww boxxxhead :( take it easy. Sorry to hear about that, came at such a crappy time too >_< i got 2 exams 1 more to goooo!
  13. sukiyaki

    3rd time approval

    though it was auto approval as long as your gpa > 1.5? hmm only for accounting me thinks :S
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    biggest waste of time good thing you stayed at home
  15. sukiyaki

    Investment Banking - which degree to do?

    ^ i really dont think employees look at which university you go to. Some of my friends that had interviews with Ib's and they come from all different universities. Also don't just focus on the marks as panda eyes said.. the extra curricular activities are just as important. Good luck!
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    ^ omg ouch! I hate when that happens!
  17. sukiyaki

    How to enroll in 5 subjects per semester

    ^ urm i don't think anything is offered in the winter im pretty sure only inov101 is
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    ^ i got a Pass only and i was pretty happy i pass it i was expecting a fail :S
  19. sukiyaki

    ECFS Harbour Cruise

    they are having an ecfs cruise soon, like in april-ish massive jump in ticket price its 45 now i think it was 35 last year
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    Buy and Sell thread

    Re: Buy and Sell thread - Sem 1 and 2 SELLING: * bba315 business forecasting by Hanke and Wichern. 8th edition * bba250 human resource management by stone 4th edition (this isn't recent the edition i heard)