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  1. Ferrero

    acct assignment

    Has anyone done the acct assignment yet?? i am doing angus coote one, and .... need help....
  2. Ferrero


    can anyone tell me which engineering in usyd is the most worth doing? coz i've been accepted in eng/commerce, but i haven't decided which engineering i am going to take. is anyone doing e-commerce eng? can i combine e-commerce eng with commerce?? thanks for your help
  3. Ferrero

    module paper

    what do you guys think about the elective paper? i felt shocked by the words 'medium' and 'structure', what i prepared were techniques and elements. so i modified them to suit the question. are you guys writing about techniques and elements as well? hope you do. what about the scholarship...
  4. Ferrero

    aerospace engineering

    i was wondering anyone here are taking aerospace engineering? i wanna know how many students in each grade and how hard the course is. coz i am considering it. i also wanna know what the differences are between the single engineering course and combined one. someone told me the majors you can...