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  1. Lexi

    Post up the exam?

    Hi guys! If anyone has a chance could you please upload a copy of the exam, or give me an idea of what the questions were about? I'm a trainee teacher and need this information for an assessment task. Thanks!
  2. Lexi


    Ok -- I have a question about compound interest. I know the formula - but do you just stick the numbers straight in, or do you need to calculate like Superannuation with a geometric series of A1, A2 ... A20 etc. I don't understand this ...
  3. Lexi

    How do I become a Music Teacher?

    What the hell do I do? Do I have to do a solid music course, and then so a DipEd at the end, or do I have any other options? Help anyone??
  4. Lexi

    I need some help to choose a piece.

    Hey, I'm a level 5/6 pianist ... Well, actually I don't do levels, but I'm playing pretty hard stuff, and I need to choose a piece for the topic An Instrument and Its Repetoire(sp?). My piano teacher suggested that I do a classical piece, and I was wondering if there were any nice one's for...