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  1. sukiyaki

    exam clash conditions

    Have to sit two exams under clash conditions it mentioned on the letter that notes and lunch can be brought in are we allowed to buy lunch during the break? and are bags allowed in? (this is not allowed normally but i dont know if it differs for exam clash condition) thanks :)
  2. sukiyaki


    urm was it INOV101 or something i cant remember do you think they will offer this unit again in the winter ?
  3. sukiyaki

    bba213 people!

    Hey this is by a long shot but does anyone do bba213 want to swap cases leave me a pm or reply in this thread im really looking for tom dick and harry case study in particular! but others are fine (although i got too many nikes cases already) thanks!
  4. sukiyaki

    Some form?

    this is by a long shot. I have being trying to locate this form my lecturer has told me its something to do with getting it signed by a doctor (and medical cert ??). Its going be attacted to a advise of absent form. if anyone knows what im talking about much appreciated :confused: i dont...
  5. sukiyaki


    anybody does this? is there like a group project proposal due tomorrow :(? and how are we suppose to do this? *is so lost*
  6. sukiyaki

    Baby Born With Third Arm

    SHANGHAI, China -- Doctors in Shanghai on Tuesday were considering surgery options for a 2-month-old boy born with an unusually well-formed third arm. Neither of the boy's two left arms is fully functional and tests have so far been unable to determine which was more developed, said Dr. Chen...
  7. sukiyaki

    LV session

    Louis Vuitton is having some information session for graduate positions: its gonna be on : tuesday 9th MAY 2006 E6A 102 (or 162 i cant read my writing) I heard also to going to UNSW and UTS i cant locate the mq...
  8. sukiyaki

    Recommendations for a resturant?

    My bday is soon, i wanted to do the booking at tony romas, but they wanted deposit and knowing my friends theres bound to be people cancelling which makes my life all complicated. So any recommendations for a decent restaurant? under 20-25$ per head, in cbd, preferable a steak/rib house...
  9. sukiyaki

    error wont go away

    I was some new spyware programs on my comp and then this application error keeps appearing every 2 minutes or so? i dont know how i can get rid of it? any ideas? thanks
  10. sukiyaki

    on campus enrolling

    im somewhat blind and cant locate the date for enrolling subjects on campus anyone know the days? thanks for the input
  11. sukiyaki

    stupid question T_T

    This is a dumb question but regarding waviers, special approvals and third time permissions forms. How do you find out if they approved you? thanks for the help
  12. sukiyaki

    Msn emoticons

    Everytime you click and add a emoticon is there a place where the emoticons gets store to? im going to format my computer and i dont want to lose all the emoticons i gotten
  13. sukiyaki

    Accg201 - last minute help

    posts questions and stuff here :rolleyes: good luck guys
  14. sukiyaki

    dropping a degree?

    Im doing BBa/b arts psy right now and i want to drop the b arts psy part is it the same as transferring degrees and does my gpa count?
  15. sukiyaki

    need help ><

    Urm how we change units setswhen we enroll? since im doing BBA i picked econ units but i want to just to bba103, but there is no selection for it any more
  16. sukiyaki

    Open day

    open day is on the 11th of september, saturday does anyone know how we can help out? is it one of those mentor forms?
  17. sukiyaki


    how would we do d) and f) thanks in advance
  18. sukiyaki

    change of program

    Can we change some subjects for 2nd semester or do we do it next semester? I changed my subjedcts today would they mind us changing it again? When is the last day to change? what about hecs? do we get a new invoice?
  19. sukiyaki

    some running error

    I downloaded a game from i log in and there this pop up called "running error" thats appears it says "can't perform initialization to start game - 33. In this case turning off "auto regeneration frequency control" can solve the problem" what is the "auto...
  20. sukiyaki

    graduate medicine

    sorry these are stupid questions If you go to university other then USYD, can you still applied for graduate medicine? If so? would Usyd students have an advantage over non usyd students? If you to be a specialist how long will it take after medicine?