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  1. Danni07

    chem1011 course outline

    Would anyone who has a copy of the chem1011 course outline be generous enough to send it to me ( or post the link? I'm trying to decide if I should take it next semester...
  2. Danni07

    Problems with unimail?

    Is anyone having any problems accessing their unimail right now? It's telling me I have the incorrect a=password, but using the exact same password to log into vista works.... Any ideas?
  3. Danni07

    current PSYC2081 students

    I know there are some of you out there... I have missed the last two tutorials (one due to illness, the other because my car broke down ten minutes away from uni, after I'd been driving for 2 hours :burn: ) Anyway, because of this I've missed all the information about the assignment thats due at...
  4. Danni07

    Question regarding doing 27 uoc in one semester

    I'm doing a B sci (adv.)/B arts and i'm having a tiny bit of trouble. As an adv sci student I have to take LIFE1001, which is worth 3 uoc. Rather than finding another 3 uoc course (I assume I don't have to do gen ed courses because I'm doing two degrees) I was hoping to enroll in an extra course...
  5. Danni07

    Society and Culture thoughts?

    So, how'd you go? How'd you find it? I thought it was pretty good, but I disliked some of the questions, a little narrow for my liking. What options did you do and which parts did you pick? I did 5b and 7a. Also, what was the technique you used for question 4?
  6. Danni07

    Multiple choice answers

    What did everyone get? I'm pretty happywith mine,there were only 1 or 2 that I wasn't sure about 1B 2B 3D 4D 5A 6B 7D 8D 9B 10B 11D 12A 13C 14B 15B 16C 17B 18C 19A 20C 21C 22B
  7. Danni07

    A few questions to those studying psychology

    Hi, I'm currently completing my HSC and trying to decide where I want to stuy for university. I know I want to become a psychologist and I'm leaning more towards doing a Bachelor of Psychology rather than a B arts or science majoring in psychology (though they're my backups incase I don't get...
  8. Danni07

    Can someone help me out with a UAI estimate?

    I'm beginning to worry about my UAI... I'm not unhappy about my marks or ranking, but I'm beginning to realise that the school you attend seems to have a huge impact on your UAI. I'm also worried about my low-scaling subjects. Any guesses would help. (I go to Bossley Park High School, I can't...
  9. Danni07

    Live HSC countdown clock

    I remember a while ago someone posted a link to an HSC countdown clock thing that changed every second... Can anyone psot up that link again as I seem to have lost it.
  10. Danni07

    Safety precautions when using cobalt-60

    I've been searching high and low, but I just can not fin what safety precautions should be taken when working with cobalt-60. It is a gamma ray emitter, has a half life of 5.3 years... got any ideas? (Yes, I know this is in the wrong place, but It's really important and I need an answer by...
  11. Danni07

    B Science majoring in both psychology and nutrition - is it possible?

    I've been searching high and low, and I'm still quite confused. The other day I came accross a course at UoW which was a B Science (Psychology and Nutrition). This really interested me, so I tried to find if any other unis had it a little closer to home. After all my searching, I still wasn't...
  12. Danni07

    Anyone done their trial yet?

    I had mine yesterday (Tuesday) and went in totally unprepared because I had the english modules in the morning. However, I was pleasantly suprised to find that the things I'd focussed on stuying were luckily one of the options for the 2nd extended response. I was quite happy with both my long...
  13. Danni07

    Independant modules trial

    Done a modules paper other than the CSSA one? So, did anyone here do a trial other than the CSSA one? The one I did involved an essay for module A discussing values and contexts of audiences, a speech for mod B (King Lear for me) which was directed to 2006 HSC students that would be studying...
  14. Danni07

    How did your trial go?

    I know a lot of people had their area of study trial today, so how was it? The first section was reasonably straight foward, and pretty good. The creative writing section asked for "an engaging response that takes the responder on a journey" or something to that extent. Not so great in that...
  15. Danni07

    Swapping PIPs

    By this stage of the year, most people have finished, or are on the verge of finishing, their PIPs. I've been thinking that I'd like to have another persons perspective of my PIP, other than school teachers and parents. However i think it's unfair to make someone read through my 4000+ words...
  16. Danni07

    How to integrate interviews?

    I'm wondering, how would you include an interview into your central material. I'm trying to finish my PIP (still) and I'm not sure whether to include a transcript of the interview, or to set it out more like "When I asked the interviwee 'this', they responded with 'blah', which shows this" What...
  17. Danni07

    Colerigde - How many poems?

    How many poems woul you talk about when doing your response for the AOS question? In our assesment for school, we had to use 1 poem, 1 stimulusbooklet and 2 of our own resources... However would it be better to use 2 of Coleridge's poems (excluding Rime...)?
  18. Danni07

    Outfoxed (related text for Frontline)

    Has anyone studied Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War On Jounrnalism as a related text for Frontline? I'm having a minor breakdown because I seem to have lost all my notes, and I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to share their notes? Thanks heaps in advance
  19. Danni07

    Popular culture assessment

    Is anyone doing a pop culturte assessment on rock and roll, the first question being: identify and describe the role of rock'n'roll music in your life I ask this because I found the same questions n the internet and I'm assuming my lazy teacher just copied and pasted. Anyway, has anyone done...
  20. Danni07

    PIP survey - in desperate need of some responses

    please, if you have a few spare minutes please fill out this survey for me, I'd really, really appreciate it!