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    Band 6 cut off

    Guys can someone please explain to me 'cut offs' does this mean if I get an 80 i will get an external band 6? Or so I need this mark internally to get a band 6
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    What to eat before a test?

    Take some Albutrex and some pre workout and you'll be pumped as FUARKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
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    Legal Studies Preparation

    Should one just prepare an essay for the punishment and sentencing dot point? because most years had this question revolving around this aspect??? is it advisable or too risky
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    2 people rank 1st

    in my school no one gives a crap about the HSC. If I get 90 in a subject and everyone else gets 50s and 60s what would that mean to my end mark? mind you that I am ranked first in all subjects
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    Getting marks in the HSC

    Haha yeah hopefully. I smacked the whole exam literally only to become let down on this. So disappointed :( I would've been the first at my school to get a band6 my teacher even believed in me. Guess this is what happens when u don't prepare for the whole syllabus.
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    Getting marks in the HSC

    Oh oh did you talk about there's and ostracism and all the citizenship laws? I basically talked about how the Delian league changed jot the empire and the allies were no longer treated fairly because of their imperialistic policies... I hope I can get 10+ so I may just squeeze into a band 5
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    Getting marks in the HSC

    I did the Greek World 500-440BC and the question asked by the key democratic developments.... instead of that I talked about the transformation of the league into an empire :( would this still get me marks? I tried to link how the key developments in the delian league to the empire reformed...
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    General Thoughts: Ancient History

    Was easy
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    Getting marks in the HSC

    Can one still get marks if they do not answer the question. Like in the my extended response fr ancient which was worth 25 marks I didn't answer the question at all :( is it still possible to get measly marks even if the essay is really good? What would be the max out of 25
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    Who is going overseas in the holidays after HSC?

    Yes I'm flying to Melbourne from Sydney
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    For english paper 1 I didnt write the text I used infront of the exam booket?

    lol sorry :( althought i think it should not be a problem!
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    For english paper 1 I didnt write the text I used infront of the exam booket?

    no you're not ok the world will end
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    English Standard Band 6

    Hmm yeah Its just that paper 1 has really screwed me over and I don't know if I'll hit a band 5 :\
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    General Thoughts on English Standard Paper 2 + ENGLISH IS FINISHED!!!

    yes I agree way easier than paper 1. Paper 1 was messed up expecially the essay :(
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    English Standard Band 6

    Hey guys my Internal ranking is 1/100~ in a school ranked 500ish. I have recieved 100% in all my assesment tasks and in the trial i got 86%. My aim is to get a band 5 atleast. If i hit around 75/105 what will my mark get scaled up to? will it stay the same or go abit just a little bit. I'm not...
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    General Thoughts: English Standard Paper 2

    was a very good exam. questions were very nice. henry lawson which could have been abit better neverthless still happy with what i did.
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    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 (AOS)

    Theme if time can suck me off the next
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    Best way to tackle upcoming english exam

    Lol yeah. What i really meant was should i try and memorize a full essay in which I can mold to the question or should I just take key themes and questions and just start from scratch.