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    I'm in my 3rd year of BEd/BA... but have many friends doing MTeach.. they say it's good, skips most of the crappy education subjects we had to do, and moves really fast. Plenty of prac too. It's a really good option.
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    eduf1018 - how do u study 4 the exam

    Hey guys, 2 days to go huh... Any ideas where to get the past papers from? They don't appear to be on the library website like my other subjects? Do I actually have to go into the library or something?
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    Music 1- Question 3. WTF?

    Ahhh, i'm personally not so sure about that. Really, the key should have nothing to do with it because dissonace really comes down to intervals and the harmonic series and overtones. Basically, whenever a note is played, we are actually hearing a number of other notes or 'overtones' however the...
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    Important: Australian Jazz Composers

    There are plenty, are you looking for a particular style though?
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    The thread for those who f***ed it up...

    Oh boy, that sounds way too familar. I also got fucked over by the additional poem, not only did it make it physically impossible to answer thoroughly in the amount of time, but was also mentally disheartening, as I realised in the midle of the exam that i could forget about a band 6 now. I'm an...
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    Binding your MW?

    Im just gonna get it bound in the school library tomorrow morning. Better finish it first though... quick-smart!
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    who on BOS is freaking out about their major works...if they have any????????

    Exactly the same for me, finish trials on 19th and am only half done with my EE2 major work. Oh, and then there is music... :(
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    Good post.
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    Running out of time!

    Im in the same boat, just get it done no matter what it takes. Forget your pride for a few moments and just write untill you've reached the limit or finished your story. THEN try and fix it. The exact date for hand-in is 24th august, so don't worry, you'll be fine.
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    So what YOUR saying is that there are no complicated rock pieces out there and no simple jazz pieces what-so-ever? You arguement is that rock is not a valid style because it was derived from pre-existing music, right?. You are, however, kidding yourself if you seriously believe that jazz music...
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    Why do drummers get it so hard? lol

    You my friend, are clearly not a musician yourself if you believe that convoluted statement to be the truth. All musical instruments are tools, the very word INSTRUMENT implies that. If it is because of the 'percussive' motion required to play the drums that makes them less musical, then you can...
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    How is the class of 05 coping with the pressure of HSC

    I think most of us ext. 2 english students are in the same boat... :(
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    Hurstville Library

    Yeah, that damn nail polish...
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    Woah, scary how familiar that sounds. My problem is that I started and got to about 2000 words, then became obsessive editing it for a week or so, then handed it in to my teacher. She really liked it, but i have not been able to write a single word since (over 4 weeks ago now!). And I'm...
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    For anyone who got 99+: did you have a job?

    Just reading through this thread from the start as I thought I'd never seen it before. Came across this post and thought "man I'd be so embarrassed if I was him, trying to sound smart and not even spelling 'grammar' correctly... HA, what a dick". Then I looked at the poster's name and thought...
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    I haven't started yet, and it's really pissing me off.
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    For anyone who got 99+: did you have a job?

    Right My dear, I can see why you should not have worked.. you needed to work on your grammer instead. "I wanted to do good in the HSC", Is I beleive supposed to be something along the lines of "I wanted to do well in the HSC"..
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    HSC Results for'em up!!

    43/50: rather dissapointed, but okay considering I got 33/50 for my trial...
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    As far as I'm aware hip-hop is technically a term that emcompasses the four areas of: Breakdancing, MC'ing (rapping), Beatboxing and Graffiti. Altough I'm guessing you're refering more to it simply as a genre of music... which I don't know much about, I only ever like breakdancing anyway. lol.
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    What instrument do u play?

    Drums, trumpet and a bit of keys. Best at trumpet, but drums is my favourite by far. Favourite styles to play: Funk and Jazz (also favourites to listen to, fancy that!)