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  1. 123delirious

    Drawing phloem and xylem L.S. and T.S

    LOL what a cute drawing ;)
  2. 123delirious

    Raw mark scaling for Biology?

    Is the scaling approximately the same every year? Or was it just that particular year?
  3. 123delirious

    Anyone else done subjects they regret doing?

    I regret taking Chemistry. I wish I'd chosen Ancient History
  4. 123delirious

    UAI's, is anyones bellow 90?

    At least a 90 for B Commerce at UNSW or USYD. Either that or an 82 at Macquarie
  5. 123delirious

    Burning Your Stuff!!

    Won't anyone save their notes for siblings or friends? :P
  6. 123delirious

    How many exams do you have?

    8 if I include my HSC practical exam last month :P
  7. 123delirious

    how many pages per section?

    A: 6 1/2 B: 7 C: 8 My friend used 3 booklets for Module A o.o
  8. 123delirious

    Frontline - Which episodes are you doing?

    I feel the same as you. The Siege is really good but I might change it now 'cos nearly everyone that posted here said they were going to use it.
  9. 123delirious

    Frontline - Which episodes are you doing?

    Yes, you have to know their purpose.
  10. 123delirious

    Best Textbook

    I use Heinemann and Jacaranda but I find Jacaranda blabs on too much sometimes. There's a lot that's TOO detailed. I also like those colourful ones... the Surfing ones? They have a book for each topic.
  11. 123delirious

    Frontline - Which episodes are you doing?

    Wow, I never knew so many people were doing Add Sex and Stir.
  12. 123delirious

    Frontline - Which episodes are you doing?

    Yeah, I've heard that they can but they haven't done it any other year so hopefully we won't be the unlucky year :O
  13. 123delirious

    Frontline - Which episodes are you doing?

    Just wanted to know which of the 'Frontline' episodes are the most popular. Which episode/s are you guys going to write about in the exam on Monday? I hope they're not cruel and name a specific episode :mad: I'm going to do 'Add Sex and Stir' and 'The Siege'
  14. 123delirious

    Q26 - Distribution strategies

    I totally hated this question!!! I started doing export... then changed to selective distribution so I did half-half of each. I'm screwed :(
  15. 123delirious

    Who thinks the bOard of studies planning of exams stink with the amount we get

    Can you tell me where you get those statistics? Thanks =)
  16. 123delirious

    Whats the last subject u looked at?

    Business Studies. I can't wait till Monday either. English is stressing me out.
  17. 123delirious

    what do we wear

    Re: quick question As mentioned in the other thread, it depends on the school. You should ask friends, or call your school up early in the morning.
  18. 123delirious

    Case Studies in Extended Response?

    No probs, glad I could help =)
  19. 123delirious

    Night before studier?

    I've only hear rumours of the SC getting the chop, not the HSC.
  20. 123delirious

    Night before studier?

    I'm sure you're not the only one out there. Browse around the site and see all these people going "omgomg can you help me with this".