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    Passing Mats1101

    To pass Mats1101 is it necessary to pass both the chemistry and engineering materials component or do you only have to pass overall?
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    Transferring from a single degree to a double degree

    Hey, just wondering if it's possible to transfer from a Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies) to combined law or is it only possible to transfer from a double degree to another double degree?
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    Raw mark E4 cutoff?

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    E4 cut off estimate?

    I'm kind of thinking that it'll be mid 70 because I found this year easier than previous years but then again there were a lot of mixed opinions.
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    Raw mark cut off for English advanced band 6

    So yeah what do you think the band 6 cut off for english advanced will be this year?
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    Atar Estimate Please

    Okay final ranks in: School Rank-92 English advanced- equal 3/72 English Extension 1- 1/18 English Extension 2 - 1/6 Maths Extension 1 - 21/68 Maths Extension 2 - 16/32 Economics- 6/35 Physics- 47/68
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    Estimate please

    School Rank 2012 - 93 Subjects- English Advanced 5/68 English Extension 1 1/18 English Extension 2 1/6 Maths Extension 1 20/58 Maths Extension 2 16/32 Economics 6/35 Also physics 47/69 but I'm hoping that will be the extra 2 units that won't count. Should I post trial or overall marks as...