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  1. liuque

    Independent Assortment

    Hi :) I'm a bit confused with the concept cos different textbooks say different things: 1. It is when the pairs of genes segregate, each chromosome is independent from other pairs of genes. (e.g. gene for freckles is independent of genes for height) They do not affect each other when...
  2. liuque

    Is this forum dead??

    hey anyone suffering from chinese background like me?
  3. liuque

    Anyone doing chinese?

    How did you all go with it??
  4. liuque

    ATAR estimation please.. is 88+ possible?

    Please estimate my friend's atar, thank you :) Physics: 15/20 ESL:11/30 Maths 3u:4/20 Maths 4u:4/8 Chinese Background Speakers:4/12 School ranking:261 Is it still possible to get an atar of 88+?????
  5. liuque

    Atar estimation please

    English Advanced: 20/74 Biology:2/19 Business Studies:6/31 Maths 2u: 8/35 Maths 3u:11/19 Chinese Background Speakers: 1/12 School ranking: 10~12 Is it possible if I want to have an atar of 96-98?? I don't quite remember my rankings (besides bio and chinese) so it might not be accurate.. but...
  6. liuque

    Anyone do industrial design or law?

    Hi :) Some confusion about the coursework here... For industrial: Just wondering about the content of the course.. do you have to do more engineering/maths related stuff instead of design?? For combined law: What do you basically do?? cases?? reading?? writing?? is it possible if i do...