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  1. psycho_mushy

    how much on telstra unlimited?

    those on new telstra plans unlimited* 10GB.. how much have you downloaded? I've downloaded 20Gb and still not capped! :D
  2. psycho_mushy


    can someone tell me where I get this thing.. and how I can download files off this thing?
  3. psycho_mushy

    Golden Moment

    A Bloody Cheat on a Telstra GA server! serves that cunt righT!
  4. psycho_mushy

    b. science

    can someone tell me the chances of getting into at UNSW? cut off for 2003 was 80.20 and my UAI is like .30 away from 80. Do you think I've got any chance? I put down UTS as my first option coz its requirement is a bit lower... do u think I should hold my breath for the...
  5. psycho_mushy


    well? what's ur opinion?
  6. psycho_mushy

    Peoples experience with the game 'Call of Duty'.

    omg! omg! I bought COD (Call of Duty) yesterday and its like the best game I've played in ages... best $90 spent yet! the multi player kicks ass as well as the single player! simple, scripted events and the AI ain't too bad as well makes this game kick ass! :) anyone the same experience?
  7. psycho_mushy

    have they started yet?

    hello, I was wondering whether the uni's have got the preferences and crap already for enrollments into 2004? ... I'm so damn worried
  8. psycho_mushy

    UAI scaling cvrap

    hello I was wondering.. with the 2003 UAI entry's for university courses... when do they actually "change" according to demand? I know they look at demand.. but say if I put down psychology as no.1 preference and the UAI as of 2003 was 90. Do they use that old UAI to accept ppl and then...
  9. psycho_mushy

    jumping UAI's

    I need some advice.. again! I was wondering. If Bachelor of Science at Western Uni. was 66 UAI as of 2002 and 67 UAI as of 2003, can it jump 10 UAI points in one go for this year? Or can it jump more than 10?!?!??! thanks guys/gals
  10. psycho_mushy

    b. science?

    hello need some help. I wanna get into b. science at uts. the requirement is 77.66. that was last year. the year before that, it was 66. A jump of at least 10 points. since it was 77.66 last year, and I'm .40 point off from 80, do u think I can make it to this course? I know it will...
  11. psycho_mushy

    China moves towards democracy

    Wen: Too soon for China democracy BOSTON, United States (AP) -- China's new premier says that while his country's leaders want democracy, the conditions are not yet right for contested elections for senior officials. "There's no question that to develop democracy is the objective of our...
  12. psycho_mushy

    maintaining a balance

    hello all biologers 2004! :) I finally had the time to scan some images in, and yeah I have finished the practical part of the syllabus for maintaining a balance.. for all those who want it.. just send me an email and i'll chuck it over ;)
  13. psycho_mushy

    hard to believe

    Saddam has been captured... old news.. but anyway.. The rescued POW named, Jessica Lynch, made a public statement that the U.S. fabricated her story making it into some heroic thingo.. I guess it now boils down to how much stuff can we believe coming from the american point of view when...
  14. psycho_mushy

    Hayley Westenra

    I reckon she has a great voice... like charlotte church... who agrees or whatever! I love the track, pokkarae e.t.c.. can't pronounce it! :p
  15. psycho_mushy

    Attention Telstra Users

    hello everyone! this must be the happiest day of my life! Free downloads and more! alrighty then.. Telstra is going to introduce NEW internet plans starting from tomorrow. Since I'm on cable, i'll just state mine ;) Telstra Broadband Cable now has an unlimited plan Copied from...
  16. psycho_mushy

    who's loyal?

    I was just wondering how many of you chinese here are actually loyal to the mainland/motherland? -> I'm talking about China here! I was born in hong kong under British colonial rule, but I miss it ever since... damn commies... but then, who here feels loyal to the chinese mainland? I know...
  17. psycho_mushy

    to all chinese out there

    hihi! What would you do if this happened to you: 1) You were born in hong kong, it is not under chinese rule 2) you have a girlfriend who is taiwanese 3) civil war breaks out between taiwan and china... hong kong supports taiwan but you are pro-china... What would you do...
  18. psycho_mushy

    erotic books

    I dunno about u guys.... but has anyone one of you read the "Blaze" series of erotic books? They not XXX, but they are considered to be erotic.... I'm not saying I have read the series, I just had a quick glimpse of my friends' book shelf and found *ahem* these erotic books... so what's...
  19. psycho_mushy

    format XP

    has anyone actually done it? I plan on doing it very soon, my computer is infected with viruses/trojans and worms... I got a Dell... so its that automated shit disc... but I wanna format it all first... I don't want shit in my windows directory for windows to "repair" please help guys!
  20. psycho_mushy

    van wilder

    has anyone seen that part with "dik" phones gwen and tells her that he needs some "relief"... gwen tells him to fuck off and then the other chick comes along... "the one who is willing to do anything for her" anyway, dik fucks the chick and then she goes on talking and talking and dik goes...