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    Work at the Big 6 Law Firms

    So what type of work is typically involved with these firms? Does it involve court appearances or just writing up contracts, patents etc?
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    Tutor Pay At Tutoring Colleges

    Hi, I would like to know what the hourly rates are for tutors at different colleges?
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    Accounting Past Papers?

    Hi, anyone got any past papers from previous years? Heard some people saying they were available on line but haven't been able to find them :(. Anyway, would greatly appreciate it if someone could post them here. Thanks in advance
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    How much scaling in MATH1151?

    Obviously the quizes and online stuff won't be scaled, but is the final exam scaled? And if so by how much?
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    Dentistry At CSU

    Ok, so how does the application process work, is it an equal waiting between ATAR, the supplementary application and the interview?? And how is the course at CSU?
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    Deferring for 2nd Semester

    What would happen if I went to uni for the 1st semester and then took 2nd semester off for half a gap year. Then applied to UAC for next year, would my ATAR or my GPA count?
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    Griffith 2012 Medicine Cut-Off?

    What exactly was the cut-off including 2nd and 3rd round offers?
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    Best Commerce Major for Commerce/Advance Maths

    Thinking of doing finance since I'll be doing quantitative risk for my maths major. But which major is best in terms of job prospects, lifestyle, salary etc etc? Thanks in advance
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    GPA required for UNSW law

    My ATAR was 99.05 and I hope to transfer into law from UNSW Commerce. So what marks would i need to be getting and how much work do I need to put in compared to the HSC?
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    How do second and third round offers work?

    For e.g. is my preferences are: 1) Comm/Law - 99.65 or whatever 2) Comm/adv maths - 98 3) Commerce - 96 And I end up with an ATAR of 99.5 then would it be possible to get a 2nd or 3rd round offer for law?
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    How much effort to get an honors degree?

    Say for a UNSW B Commerce/B Economics degree, roughly how many people are invited to participate in the honors program? And can I rely on getting in if I do this degree?
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    Actuarial Studies vs. Engineering

    I am really stuck on a decision between these two career paths. For the HSC I did Adv english, 4U maths, phys, chem and economics, if that helps. Anyway, I would like to know the pros and cons of each career. Thanks :)
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    Difference between B Science (maths) and B science (advanced maths)

    So apparently you do advanced subjects and an extra honors year. Is it worth the extra year or is it better to get into the workforce and start earning? (I'm planning to major in Actuarial btw) - at UNSW. Thanks
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    Cost of a double degree

    I thought I already posted this thread but when you do a double degree, say commerce/maths does this mean you pay double?
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    What HSC English mark would you recommend for law?

    Just in general, obviously it would be a band 6, but does it really need to be a 95+?
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    Cost of a degree double

    Does this mean you have to pay for both degrees each year?
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    Anyone received 'acknowledgement' of their USYD scholarship application?

    On the back of the application it says if u havent received acknowledgement by 28th October to contact the office but I havent heard any of my friends receiving it either?? Any of u guys got an 'acknowledgement'?
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    Physics Predictions

    any patterns or trends likely to come up again??
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    ppm Question!

    The recommended intake for an adult of zinc is 12mg per day. If a sample of oysters contain 200ppm per oyster, how many oysters would a person need to eat to reach the minimum daily intake?? A) 0.2 B) 1.7 C) 1.6 D) 12 Isn't ppm the same as mg??
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    How to produce Vinyl chloride and Styrene?