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    Experienced & Affordable ENG ADV (96) tutoring | Attached is my technique list

    Re: Experienced & Affordable ENG ADV (96) tutoring | Free upcoming seminar at Parrama Hi, Just wondering could we have proof of your credentials? i.e. your 96 HSC English mark? And also your ATAR? Thanks,
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    all nighter AGAIN???!!!

    Lol, all nighters don't work guys!
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    Trig proving

    yep simple double angle
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    Trial Discussion Thread.

    True, but you still have to work pretty hard and be individually motivated to do well
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    Trial Discussion Thread.

    School rank isn't going to stop someone getting a 99.95.
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    Found out from friends I did both given option topics for trial. What does this mean?

    Re: Found out from friends I did both given option topics for trial. What does this m +1. Put it this way you're now going to have an whole option topic's worth of time which you can spent on your actual questions. P.S. you must honestly be quite smart to actually answer questions which you...
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    Study buddy!

    Great idea, studying with friends is always helpful - as long as you guys don't start procrastinating even more ;)
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    Cramming success stories?

    LOL, cramming doesn't work guys! Start studying now!
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    Short answer techniques?

    Would rep, but already gave you some before :D
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    HSC Science lovers

    Very helpful!
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    Trial Discussion Thread.

    Good luck everyone!
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    Creative techniques?

    Haha, good way to put it :D
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    Creative techniques?

    Yep, this is just touching the stimulus. You really need it to be an integral part of your story to get an A imo. This just comes to practice in learning how to adapt your creative to the stimulus, trust there is ALWAYS a way ;)
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    Who wants to pull an all nighter with me?

    They have specified for other texts in the past, there's no reason they can't do it for Belonging or any other module this year. Syllabus require students learn ALL poems/articles which are specified and they're all fair game as far as the Board of Studies are concerned.
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    Trial Discussion Thread.

    Awesome, keep it up!
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    IS THIS A BAD IDEA?? -Related text

    As long as you can relate to your main text, there's no bad idea or bad text..