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  1. Scinery

    Why we Procrastinate (HSC Mentoring)

    Hey BOS, I recently gave a talk at The Scots College on Why We Procrastinate which might be helpful for some of you! I had a really bad flu on the night so please excuse all the stumbling! I'm a Psychology student researching a way to link our personality traits with our ideal study habits...
  2. Scinery

    The HSC Learning Survey

    Hi Prelims, It would be awesome if you could help us out by completing this survey about the HSC: This was initially posted over in the HSC forum, but it would be interesting to see what Year 11's have to say. Thanks!
  3. Scinery

    Can I do Flexible Core Courses in 3rd Year

    Anna Trivedi is trying to make me do them now, but i dont wanna!
  4. Scinery

    Simple Question about enrolment: Com/Sci

    Basically I want to major in Psychology (PSYC) AND EITHER human resources (MGMT) OR marketing (MARK). So for first semester, I've already chosen ACCT1501 MGMT1001 MARK1012 PSYC1001 So put simply, am i wrong? Someone told me i have to have do ECON1101 now? Can't i push that into the 2nd...
  5. Scinery

    Generic University Questions

    Could current uni students please answer the following questions: 1) How many Majors/Minors are we allowed to do? 2) How many Majors and Minors do people usually do? 3) How long do "6 Units of Credit" usually take to complete, and how much do we learn? 4) If we can choose our...
  6. Scinery

    Who got 99+ without Extension maths or Physics?

    I've noticed a correlation between students who recieve 99+ and students who do Extension 1-2 Math / Physics For those who did neither of the two, What subjects did you do? You must be godly
  7. Scinery

    Which uni? (Com/Sci) + various Questions

    I'm interested into going into Organizational Psychology (like sirpoopalot - i've read the other thread). I have 10^17 questions in a word document but i'll organize them and post them later. For now though: 1) Is there any benefit at all in doing a B.Psych over combined Commerce/Science...
  8. Scinery

    Appropriate ATAR Etiquette??

    I'm actually clueless about this... I will be interested to know what ATAR's other students ended up getting. Is it inappropriate to ask people what they got? Do i adopt an "i'll tell you mine if you tell me yours" policy? Or do i have to simply ask "how'd u go?" and be content with "i did...
  9. Scinery

    Blaming the Board.

    Ok Guys, i think it's time we agree to disagree on all things English But imo, The Board Of Studies should make their rubrics clear, their instructions to teachers clear, and most importantly make sure all teachers are told the same thing. For my extension 2 major work, I was...
  10. Scinery

    A Spoonful of Sugar....

    helps the HSC go down? What methods have you guys discovered to help make boring repetitive tasks more enjoyable? I know exactttly what i need to do in the lead up to the next 4 exams, but repetitive study has just become soo... boring :(
  11. Scinery

    Short Term vs Long Term memory?

    Throughout highschool and even through trials, i've been up late cramming info, quotes, techniques, essays, statistics the night before all my exams, often taking all nighters the night before my exam. I absolutely refuse to engage in allnighters during the HSC, even though i promised the...
  12. Scinery

    How to spend the holidays??

    I, like many others, hope to make the most of the coming holidays but i don't really know how to split it up. I have a lot of difficulty doing one subject for more than a 5 hour stretch, but I also can't demand too much of myself by saying "one past paper for each subject every day" i can't...
  13. Scinery

    Something's on my mind...

    ...and i can't fkn get it out I find that im brooding over little things too much , and i always feel the compulsion to text someone about it or open up msn, even if i've turned everything off. Otherwise i focus on these minor issues constantly and can't concentrate. for example, now when i...
  14. Scinery

    Finally got my ranks!! ATAR estimate?

    Our school has finally released our ranks, followed by a sea of controversy and doubt. My school is ranked 2nd in the state, but my ranks are below par. Chemistry: 85/105 Maths: 90/110 History Extension: 12/16 Advanced English: 80/189 Extension 1 English: 17/89 Extension 2 English: 17/35...
  15. Scinery

    Brace myself for disappointment...?

    So i screwed up trials, but I go to the school which came 2nd in the state last year... i plan on sacrificing everything and studying my ass off 24/7 and getting 100/100 for every single hsc exam, but i want to know whether to prepare myself for disappointment or not. don't quite know my...
  16. Scinery

    Det portal wtf?!?

    Allow me to vent. "The Department" has recently allowed access to from school computers i am a fucking youtube addict...this is NOT beneficial to my ATAR. yet "The Department" blocks access to our emails, BOS forums, GOOGLE DOCS which is where i keep all my files...there is little...
  17. Scinery

    TRIALS: Intuition vs Matrix vs TSFX

    I'm wanting some intensive tutoring during the holidays for trial preparation which of these institutions is better for chem and maths trials i understand that nobody has been to all 3 but what have people heard? anyone not happy with the outcome of one of the three? or can recommend a better...
  18. Scinery


    OK so our school has about 60 days left until trials start - spread over 2 weeks and i heard some schools start earlier i always thought everyone starts at the same time but when are other schools having theirs? and how is everyone going to go about preparing? fml I need to start making...
  19. Scinery

    Library Help!!

    What happens if i don't pay a library fine? They are charging me $65 for late fee and apparently i ripped out something like 5 pages from the book and now i owe $100 for its replacement + $22 service fee. What happens if i simply refuse to pay? Ill pay the late fee but im not paying the...
  20. Scinery

    UAI estimate pleeeeease :(

    I reaaallly want 97, but id be amazed with 98.45 or that even remotely possible? i go to a school ranked in the top 3 and we only get our marks and averages, we dont recieve ranks at our school! which is complete catpiss. My MARKS so far are as follows (approx): Modern History...