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    Ancient history essay???

    With the essay you have to be careful of how you structure it. how I studied for this section was I would get down the main points like reasons for Persian defeat - things like lack of good leadership; not a strong navy etc. Then you have to be careful of what the question is asking- its easy...
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    Important:section four of examination

    I know people say that its quality over quantity and that is true to some extent but remember it is a 25 mark essay and I cant imagine people getting everything down in 4-5 pages (if you're aiming for a high band 6 that is). In my HSC I did this question last and so my handwriting got really big...
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    hey sorry it took me so long to reply lol if you're still looking for a tutor my email id is...

    hey sorry it took me so long to reply lol if you're still looking for a tutor my email id is or you can pm me here.
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    How to study for the options?

    For the options part of your exam you will have to write an essay. The idea is to get your information right 1st- this is mainly the 1st 2 sections of the syllabus the key points and the legal issues and remedies. The actual essay question will most likely be from the last 3 sections- things...
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    URGENT help needed with UNSW enrolment

    when i go on to accept my offer, the code for comm/eco and comm is 3502. so my offer shows only commerce and not commerce/eco. I havent accepted this yet coz i'm not sure if this is how its meant to be??? and to add to my confusion i'm overseas and cant even call the uni right now! HELP!!!!!
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    Post Your 2009 University Offers Here! (UAC, VTAC, etc) (No Spam)

    YAYA!!! one more person!!! what majors??????
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    Post Your 2009 University Offers Here! (UAC, VTAC, etc) (No Spam)

    yep u've got to choose the one u want when u enrol!
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    Post Your 2009 University Offers Here! (UAC, VTAC, etc) (No Spam)

    OMGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! same!!!!! sorry but no one i know is going to UNSW and ur like the 1st person doing the EXACT same course!!!! yay!!!!!!!!
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    How much study has everyone done so far?

    wow u guys are impressive, looking back i did no work in december and did like 2 hours a day in jan. but do remember theres still 10/11 months to go so dont burn out coz taking a break now is definitely better than burning out like a month before the hsc! good luck!
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    English Breakfast is the meal of champions

    isnt that the leftover vegetable dish? how can u eat that in the morning?? same with black pudding actually...dont think i'd ever eat that. everything else sounds pretty breakfast-y.
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    Which uni will you be going and what course?

    Bcommerce(international) at UNSW or B.Actuarial studies at Macquarie decisions decisions!
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    few questions on acturial studies

    u'll get in for sure, highly unlikely that the cut off would go over 99.9 :p it is defo a hard course but as long as u put in the effort i think u'll be able to cope.
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    few questions on acturial studies

    hey i think it'll be best for u to go to the info day at unsw on the 6th there would be people there who are doing the course. we might be in the same course together next year!!! yay for actuarial studies!!!
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    well i got the highest UAI but they announced dux before the UAI released...oh well
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    Family's reaction to your UAI?

    lol yea almost as bad as the indian accent with the dad and mum, i laughed nonetheless
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    Family's reaction to your UAI?

    me: OMGGGGGGGG I GOT 98.95!!!! dad: are u joking??? mum: omg thats amazing, i'm off to show off to all our indian relatives! sister: f*ck are u serious? dad: did u just swear??!?!! lololololol happiest day of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Top Achievers in Course List

    Re: Top 20 in Course List congratulations namu and dp and everyone else who did so amazingly well!! but as the results get closer i'm getting even more paranoid- can someone please exaplain -it says ' listed below are the subjects in which students got above 90'- this means that those who are...
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    since many ppl are predicting a qn on ethics for p+h 10 marker, just quickly wanna ask if u discuss anything other than study and display of human remains???? all i did for ethics is that! thanx =]
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    lamp blacking?

    does anyone know what lamp-blacking is? apparently its some form of conservation??? i hate ppl for dropping words and not knowing what they are....makes me panic and stress!!!