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  1. Wolfowitz

    course transfer q

    Do arts at ANU and transfer after one year or after three...
  2. Wolfowitz

    Examination Results Semester II, 2006

    Predictions: ECON1002: Distinction/HD ACCT1002: Pass/Credit ENGL1015: Disction/HD INFS1000: Pass/Credit If only I was consistent ;(
  3. Wolfowitz

    Finance or Econometrics Major

    Gosh. You noobs suck. So intelligent and yet you fail to realise how damaging a life in banking is. You're only crashing the best years of your life against those above you. Live for yourself. 6 years in university (Comm/Law + honours, as was suggested) is a long time spent trying to appease...
  4. Wolfowitz

    Just pre ordered WoW exp.

    That's only 'cause it was delayed.
  5. Wolfowitz

    Eye Make-up

    omg. more like:
  6. Wolfowitz

    Say i dont get the UAI

    lol. I'm doing commerce. You lose :)
  7. Wolfowitz

    ACCT1002 Final.

    lol, do you remember me sleeping under the desk before that exam? I was wasted. But I poned it. Like a son felching his father whilst his mother spreads her flaccid labia out of her husband's head, turning it into a cranial dildo.
  8. Wolfowitz

    Congratulations Art Express Nominees!

    haha. you suck. BA @ Southern Cross Uni for joo.
  9. Wolfowitz

    ship to shore

    Do you guys remember the grandfather of the boys whose parents owned the shop? He was snappy and rhetorical and was often seen packing the shelves. HE WAS MY DRAMA TEACHER! FTW.
  10. Wolfowitz

    HSC Advice Line - 1. Biz Management & Change

    I'm working on the advice line as a stand-in for business management and marketing, if a 'James' chats you up: it's me.
  11. Wolfowitz

    Congratulations Art Express Nominees!

    I was going to post that a friend of mine got a nomination but in typing this I'm slowly beginning to realise that I hate her. No deal.
  12. Wolfowitz

    Disabling MSN Messenger for user

    Just scream at the computer 'til it does what you say.
  13. Wolfowitz

    Help In Preparing For The School Certificate {pleassssssseee}

    Re: Help WANTED In Preparing For The School Certificate {pleassssssseee}...
  14. Wolfowitz

    Homosexuality in Australia

    Come now, Waf, you know that arguement sucks more cock than Townie during mardi gras. The arguement is that children can't receive the same gifts that a masculine and a feminine couple can provide - dad and mum. I feel that myself, being the product of a single mum. I'm so lady-like it hurts...
  15. Wolfowitz

    Chartered Accountants Careers Conference 2006 - Sydney and Melbourne

    You should, shell. I heard you gave up a lot for good old Joe. Clothes were only a small part of the deal you guys struck. That said, I'm going. So y'all can all appreciate my new napoleon dynamite boots.
  16. Wolfowitz

    FPS or MMORPG ?

    God, you've honestly got no idea. You just hate grinding - and you're not alone. By saying that you hate RPGs means you hate some of the highest selling games ever made. WoW. The Final Fantasies. The Morrowind's. Dude, RPG's sell well for a reason: they're grouse.
  17. Wolfowitz

    Anyone here at any UNSW colleges?

    Such comotions in my head...ugh. Is there any way to learn how to program without uni?
  18. Wolfowitz

    Anyone here at any UNSW colleges?

    Hey, anyone here go to any UNSW colleges? If so, post it.
  19. Wolfowitz

    Game Addictions? How many people ruin there lives on games

    Sometimes I think games are alot like drugs. I waste a lot of time and psychological expenditure on suspending my imaginary world.