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  1. smallcattle

    science faculty seems pretty quite..

    compared to the other UTS faculties... no science ppl come 2 BOS..??? although the degree im doing (MathsComp) is a science degree.. none of my rooms are at building 4....
  2. smallcattle

    Is wireless broadband free @ UTS??

    is it free of charge?? is there any limitations like download limit?? how many hours you can use etc??
  3. smallcattle

    No listens to David Tao???

    No1 listens to David Tao??? I love him.. as much as I love Jay.. his new album is out.. The Great Leap you can download it from here I like susan说,爱我还是他,catherine,鬼 :cool:
  4. smallcattle

    Will you use your old yr12 schoolbag in uni??

    will you use your old schoolbag or buy a new one.... dont know what kind of bags do uni ppl wear...
  5. smallcattle

    Detailed info on each subjects

    where can i find detailed information on each subjects?? the uts handbook only gives out rough idea of what the subject is about, but after reading I still could not get the what the subject will teach me ....
  6. smallcattle

    When do we apply for HECS??

    Is there a specific date??? currently I am a PR holder and I just want to know when do we apply for HECS so that I can arrange my citizenship ceremony b4 that..otherwise i would have to pay the full amount ..
  7. smallcattle

    can i change my preferences after main round??

    if after the main round, one of the course i wanted to do lowered its cutoff for 2005, will i still be able to change my preferences accordingly, and wot r the chances that that course may be offered to me??
  8. smallcattle

    what is b science in applied physics about..

    what is it about.. anyone doin it????
  9. smallcattle

    M/C question

    which of the following relies on motor effect to operate A. DC generator B. galvanometer C. transformer D. AC inductino motor
  10. smallcattle

    electron vs light microscope

    how is electron microscope able to enlarge sample much greater than light microscope?? couldnt find anything in Excel
  11. smallcattle

    Compare how absorption and emission spectrum form

    Compare how an absorption and an emission spectrum form and describe what they look like (8marks) i dont even understand what the question is talking about.....
  12. smallcattle

    Did anyone write the 6mark algorithm??

    i wrote about a page of code, but its so messy...
  13. smallcattle

    will the exam be hard this year??

    the 2003 paper wasnt that hard.. compared to the 2003 independent paper, i'll say the Independent paper was way harder than the HSC paper will this year's exam similar to last year's?? or harder?
  14. smallcattle

    what's the average mark for this course???

    i guess it must be pretty high since this course isnt scaled much i got 50% in my trial and my teacher told me that i'll get similar mark in the hsc.. i feel bad..
  15. smallcattle

    I wished...

    I wished i was a 03er for 3u maths... meaning --> i fucked up my exam
  16. smallcattle

    Some advice on these two topics plz!!

    i have difficulties understanding the projectile motion (im a physics student and i still dont understand them...) and also coefficient terms.. there are so many variables in projectile motion.. which one should i use for each questions?? @__@ and also can someone explain to me how to use...
  17. smallcattle

    Who finished it with time to spare?

    I finishedQ1-9, double checked and left 1 hour and 20min to do Q10
  18. smallcattle

    Locus problems

    i dont understand this topic.. so sort of questions can they ask??
  19. smallcattle

    Marks deducted for no state in equation??

    do you get marks deducted for not writing the state in a chemical equation?? How to tell if something is aqueous or liquid?? i always get mixed up
  20. smallcattle

    Hsc 2003 Q29

    importance of monitoring conditions for Haber process, its 7 mark question If i include -temp increase or decrease and its effects -pressure increase or decrease and its effects -catalyst should not be poisoned by CO and explain why will that cover the 7 marks?