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    URGENT help needed with UNSW enrolment

    when i go on to accept my offer, the code for comm/eco and comm is 3502. so my offer shows only commerce and not commerce/eco. I havent accepted this yet coz i'm not sure if this is how its meant to be??? and to add to my confusion i'm overseas and cant even call the uni right now! HELP!!!!!
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    lamp blacking?

    does anyone know what lamp-blacking is? apparently its some form of conservation??? i hate ppl for dropping words and not knowing what they are....makes me panic and stress!!!
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    brave new world

    i was wondering if anyone knows any critical readings for bnw. we are encouraged to use critical reading for all modules but i cant find any on this book. thanks in advance!!
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    ancient hsc notes

    hey guys just wondering how many pages of typed up detailed notes do u have?? the reason i m asking is coz someone told me you shouldnt have more than 25 pages/topic...but mine go way overboard!!!!!! but these are good detailed notes not just summaries help guys please!!!!!!!!!
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    degree in a day

    did any of u 2008ers go for it??? what seminars did u attend??? i did the united nations forum and the stock market efficiency it was pretty cool.....makes me want to go to usyd even more!!!!!
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    10 or 12??????? i m currently on 12 units with 4 u maths, 2u eng, 2u ahis, 2u business and 2u legal m doing pretty well in all of them....but i think i can do better if i drop another subject...but then i feel what if i want to drop extn 2 ??? i m pretty sure business wont be counted due to the crappy...
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    persian wars

    i have an assessment question- assess the impact of the battle of marathon and themistocles on the course of the persian wars in my response, should i talk about the impact of marathon first and then themistocles, or would i have to draw common links?? any help would be appreciated
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    delian league question

    for a question like how and why did athens become an empire, what points would u include?? as in where would u start, like may be the formation of the delian league and where do u end, with periclean democracy???
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    lost assessment

    just out of wonderment...what happens if the school 'accidentally misplaces' ur assessment???
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    bsuiness studies essays

    hey...i ve a question....those of u who do legal or geography would know that in extended responses its advisable to use multiple case studies to support your would a subject like business also need multiple case studies to support your points or is it enough to use the single...