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    Section II - Short Answer

    ^ this and shat my self a little when i saw a 5 marker which asked for positive implication of the cad
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    - 2013 evil bos questions-

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    - 2013 evil bos questions-

    in so many ways automatic stabilizers = government profit gov profit can be used for transfer payments, community services, social expenditure, etc changes in tax, increase in gst(regressive tax) and spending in welfare programs etc etc
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    Economics extended response...

    will shoot myself if the extended response only offers choice between labour market/micro & environment
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    LoL thread

    Re: Official LoL thread No
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    How many past papers have you done ?

    Re: How many past papers have yous done ? 3x10^8
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    General Thoughts: English Advanced Paper 2

    gl to markers trying to read my mod c handwriting
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    HSC papers vs Trial papers

    Yes I can confirm I am Vincent from hurlstone
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    Burnt out...

    I will actually fap while writing if the question is barriers