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  1. Wolfowitz

    Anyone here at any UNSW colleges?

    Hey, anyone here go to any UNSW colleges? If so, post it.
  2. Wolfowitz

    HSC TUTOR - English/Humanities/Art/Drama

    Hey kids. I'm pretty much the best thing ever. I've just had a couple of spots open up in my tutoring firm. I can take on 3 students for English (Std, Adv, XI, XII), Humanities (Legal Studies, Modern/Ancient History, His X) and Art (Art and Drama). Ph me on 0406591496 for more details. It'll be...
  3. Wolfowitz

    ENGL1025 - Inventing Modernity.

    Everyone I've talked I know who does Arts is doing this unit next semester. If you are, put your name, number, course and bust size down that I may get to know you better. I'm also wanting to know what your expectations are of the course that they may be CRUSHED. P.S - One of the criteria above...
  4. Wolfowitz

    Easy econometrics question

    What's the formula for finding the variance of a discrete random variable. Also what is linear combination in relation to random variables?
  5. Wolfowitz

    Ecmt1010 - First Year Q

    Has anyone got the handout that was on blackboard but is now down? The one on Mean and Variance as Expectations? If so could you post? If not what's the formula for: - The variance of a discrete random variable - Linear combination I've got the first page of the handout; just not the...
  6. Wolfowitz

    Communication desk.

    Whilst BoS in no way supports or condones grafitti in any form I do. So I've written 2 things on the far left side of the 5th or 6th desks (can't remember which) on the far right column of seating in Mere Lct 1. If you're in there for anything - gimme a scribble. I'll get back to you.
  7. Wolfowitz

    Fake piercings.

    Where can you buy fake piercings? All mine have grown in and I really can't be arsed forking out the cash for new ones right now. I'd much prefer to buy fakies. But I don't know where to start. Any ideas?
  8. Wolfowitz

    Eco & Bus camp?

    Is there a camp for Eco & Bus students @ Usyd?
  9. Wolfowitz

    Work Experience for B.Com.

    I'm about to start B.Com, full-time @ USyd this year. Coming from a regional area where the most respected members of the community either deal in drugs or women, I need some help finding out about getting XP for my degree. Since I'm studying full-time, I wasn't looking to drop my load for a...
  10. Wolfowitz

    Revisiting Quake II.

    There's a disc in the collector's edition of Q4 which has QII, 'QII - The Reckoning' and 'QII - Ground Zero' on it. I've run into all of the games, reminding myself of how good Quake II was. IMO, QII + expansions > Q4. Quake 4 seemed a little plot-thin. Quake 2 grasped its hand around your...
  11. Wolfowitz

    DFEE cost for combined courses.

    Say I got a UAI of 90.xx and wanted to do Commerce/Science. In order to get in I'd have to go DFEE for the course. What will the cost be? Each course costs about $18k /year. Does that mean that the course will cost $18k x 2 x 4 years?
  12. Wolfowitz

    Ask Wolfowitz - Revenge Tragedy.

    I think myself pretty knowledgeable about Revenge Tragedy. This elective of blood-feuds and die-casts transformed English Extension 1 from my most hated course in Year 11, too my most treasured in Year 12. I have knowledge of all the texts and several study guides to help anyone with...
  13. Wolfowitz

    What's the best cheap internet deal in Sydney?

    I'm living in Croydon and need unlimited internet access, yo. Could someone help me out with a good ISP for fastness of internet? It'd be much appreciated. Later, masterbators.
  14. Wolfowitz

    Sunken eyes.

    Over the past month, I've developed sunken eyes. No bags, the area under my eyes has just shrunk and got's odd. When I go out, I've started to take speed and X, where before my eyes went dark I would just pill. Now I'm off drugs and looking for help on getting my eyes back to...
  15. Wolfowitz

    How are the buses in Canberra?

    What's the bus-system like in Canberra? Is it anything like Sydney? Can a bus get you most places you want to go or will I have to get a car?
  16. Wolfowitz

    UAC main-round offers; what'd you get?

    With the 18th powering ever-closer, and the associated stress billowing before it, I thought it apt to start this thread. When you recieve your offer list: - The university - The course - Your UAI (plus any bonuses you recieve because of EAS or suchsuch) 2nd pref! B. Commerce @...
  17. Wolfowitz

    1st year Q: How much will this bitch cost?

    How much is enrollment + college fees @ urs + misc? Also, how much will the above cost at 1st class and at economy-type rates? Thanks. First non-male to respond gets a free iButtsecks
  18. Wolfowitz

    PRELIMINARY Cut-Offs for 2006

    It's January 4th, does anybody know where we can find the cut-offs like Townie did last year?
  19. Wolfowitz

    1st year Comm/Law books

    Does anybody know the list?
  20. Wolfowitz

    Australia's sexiest politicians Australia's sexiest politicians Sexy things ... former Labor Senate leader John Faulkner and Labor health spokeswoman Julia Gillard. Sexy things ... former Labor Senate leader John Faulkner and...