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  1. obimoshman1234

    Greek World 500-440 Bc what do u specialize in?

    ok so pretty much most people specialize on some part of this generally either Persian wars or Delian League. Just wondering if and what other people have done. for me i own persian wars however i could answer delian league uestion with reasonable answer of 22-24 marks however recently...
  2. obimoshman1234

    Wasted ur hsc year?

    does anyone feel they wasted their hsc year. This can be u mean u wasted ur time not studying and prob could have dropped out. Or u spent all ur time studying and well didnt participate in any of the fun things u got to do in ur final year???? i know i kinda regret not doing some things but...
  3. obimoshman1234

    Finding it hard to move on after an exam???

    Probably like almsot everyone else after an exam u will come out thinking over what u did wrong. I hate doing this and i mean everyone and family ask so how did u go? god thats the worst because ur just thinking about what u did bad. I find it hard to get over it but i am starting to realize u...
  4. obimoshman1234

    LOVE OR HATE BoS for the paper they gave u??

    HATE AND LOVE mainly becauce of the module B uestion
  5. obimoshman1234

    English Over Forever

    ok people we all just finished that horrible subject as it is and well now we never ever have to do it again so all i got to say is gratz we survived it also people plz feel free to voice ur opinions of how reliving it is to have this subject gone
  6. obimoshman1234

    How do u prepare for paper 2

    i am just wondering how is everyone else preparing for paper two like are u memorizing whole essays? if so how? or u just remember tech adn uotes? again if so how? i am just abit confused on how to do it
  7. obimoshman1234

    Rubric for creative writing piece

    is there a rubric for it? if so could some one link or post up it up?
  8. obimoshman1234

    The legals ripoff of the businesses game thing

    pretty much i want to start the same thing business study forum has where we ask uestions people answer then post another uestion this is what i am talking about if u want to look essentially helps us study adn understand stuff...
  9. obimoshman1234

    NEED to reorganize the sub forums

    i seriously think it would be easier to reorganize sub forums into: core personalities socities time periods i mean i am just saying imo this would be far easier for people to navigate around and that way u dont get people readin stuf about a society while looking for info on personality i...
  10. obimoshman1234

    "Why did Greece go to war with Persia during this time period"

    just wondering how other people would go about answering that uestion. So if u dont mind just leaving like an outline of ur answer so i can compare to what i wrote would be cool ty.
  11. obimoshman1234

    Greece 500-440 Persian Wars uestion

    ok this is what i got in my trials "Why did Greece go to war with Persia in this time period" and i am just wondering how other people would go about answering it. I already got it back and i got 23/25 top mark for that uestion in grade so happy but i know where i missed parts out but anyway...
  12. obimoshman1234

    HSC 2008 ancient history students topics

    OK i want to know the different periods of times, societies, historical place and personalities. For my school crestwood we are doing Period of time: Greece 500-450 bc Socity: Sparta (WOOOTTTTTZZOOOORRRR) Core: Herculanium/Pompei Personality: HANNIBAL(pwnge) so what r u guys doing also mabye...
  13. obimoshman1234

    The Greek Wolrd 500-450 BC assessment 2008

    So basically i know this period off by heart yet for this assessment i have 2 options which are 1. "One of the key elements of the Greek victory over the Persians was the quality of Greek leadership" Assess this statement with reference to two fo the following men: Miltiades: heroic...
  14. obimoshman1234

    Basic nesscities for legal studies

    This is a list of things you need to do for legal to be at the top of the subject: 1. Keep up with any law reforms or proposed law reforms by using the herald, radio etc. Very useful 2. ON starting HSC year start collecting newspaper or media about law and society(Human rights), Crime and your...