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    How do i solve this?

    thank you
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    Answering describe questions in economics

    anyone got any advice for these questions? i know what it is asking for, but i'm still confused/struggling on how to answer these question any help would be appreciated
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    Are notes essential for a 97+ atar?

    Sup Is it necessary to have notes to get a good atar? Doing past question/dot point question seems more effective than writing notes esp since i have 2 weeks till half yearlies, should i waste time writing notes?
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    Romulus my father HELP

    Can anyone help me out with Romulus my father? 'Belonging is about struggling with opposing pressures.' [My main text - Romulus my father] Some good points can help out alot :)
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    INTUITON VS TALENT 100 VS DUX COLLEGE for physics and maths

    which ones better?
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    Related texts?

    Hi I was told by my teacher to find a related text to "Othello" on the concept of belonging, any recommendations?
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    NGO & Sons

    Does anyone have any contact details or reviews? - For english thanks
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    Is the SC marks Scaled or Raw?

    My teachers have opposing views.. So are the SC marks raw or scaled?
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    Selective Highschool placement!

    Hello!:biggrin: I'm currently trying to get into girraween, or Normanhurst, can anyone who has done the past test or got into these schools advice me on the tests, and other information i should know to get a edge from the other students I have been lurking these threads all nights and...