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    wow totally just found this message. I = shit :P wazzuuuuuuuuuuuuup!!!

    wow totally just found this message. I = shit :P wazzuuuuuuuuuuuuup!!!
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    I don't think putting your student number on an assessment makes all that much difference really. Someone has to go through and put a name to it once they're marked anyway so the teachers could access your number and name quite easily. It's more a matter of morals, what mark is awarded should be...
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    what box sets/ tv series do you own on dvd?

    Charmed (all seasons) Buffy (all seasons) Doctor Who (1-4 plus additional david tennant eps (L) Gilmore Girls (all seasons) Summer Heights High We Can Be Heroes Round the Twist (all) ... i think that's all
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    Exam Results?

    Modern History - 92% Mark: 92/93 Ancient History - 94% Mark: around 95 Legal - 78% Mark: 85 Advanced English - 42/50, 17/20 and 18/20 Mark: 86 Rank 4/140ish Extension English - 92% Mark: 45 Rank: 6/55 Extension English Major Work 19/20 :D
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    Exam Results?

    We don't get results till tomorrow as we had Crossroads all day today :(
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    Farewell Year 11

    Yay Year 12 :P
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    What subjects do you want to do in yr 12?

    Okay... currently I'm doing; Advanced English Rank: 3/23 (class only) Extension English: 11/20 (class only) Legal Studies: 11/37 Ancient History: 2/18 Modern History: 2/40 Philosophy: 8/16 (Year 11 only) Advanced Maths: 91/112 But, next year I'm probably going to do; Advanced English...
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    Where are you going for work experience?

    I'm going to Wollongong Uni for Work Experience at the end of Term 3.