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  1. jassono

    Law Camp 2010

    It has been two days into the semester and already 2/3rds if the tickets are sold- crazy! Who's going, and what are you dressing up as ...I cant think of anything :s even though there are hundreds of heroes and villains
  2. jassono

    Tutorial spots freeing up

    Hi guys, my search function is being uncooperative for some reason In your experience, do students drop out of tutes often?? or change classes cos i really need to be in one of 9 econ1101 tutes on monday :p cos i need my remaining time for work D= Can anyone suggest what else I can do, other...
  3. jassono

    UNSW Law to USYD Law

    Hey guys, do you reckon its easy (subjective) to transfer from unsw law to usyd law?? hahaha i made unsw with eas i suppose didnt think id make it, was set on third preference of bachelor of international and global studies (BIGS) at usyd, that it was such a shock tonight i was originally...
  4. jassono

    Russia Question

    Hey guys, just looking at the trends of past HSC papers, is it safe to assume that the Russia choices will be between a bolshevik/lenin/pre Stalin question, and a Stalin question?
  5. jassono

    Writing on the white pages

    Is it ok to write in the white blank pages?? I finished the lines pages for creative but had 8 words left lol so I wrote on the next white page didn't want to waste paper. Is that ok??
  6. jassono

    Can markers screw up your mark

    Hi all, im not sure if this has been posted before in some other way, my search function isnt work so great But i was wondering, in my late hours of studying, can a marker possibly record your mark incorrectly? Theyre humans and ive heard countless stories of markers late friday night, you dont...
  7. jassono

    Dropping extension english or 4 maths?

    Hey all, in the middle of studying for my assessments :S! i was just wondering, because i have 11 units and i could use a little more time, is it wiser to drop 4u maths or 3u english?? ignoring what i am happier in because im happy in both and will probably just do 11 units in the end, but...
  8. jassono

    Any help with my problem?

    Hey everyone, i've lately thought a little too far ahead with my subjects and all Right now i have 12 units, 3 maths, 3 english, economics, business and modern history (all 2 of course) I see myself doing 4 maths and probably 3 english (if im unfortunate, then advanced), either way i have 10 or...