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  1. ConquerDiscover

    Online application

    Hey, What's the chance of being offered a job if you do your application online? Has anyone here done an online application and got offered something within 2weeks - 1 month? Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. ConquerDiscover

    Which months do retail shops generally hire people?

    Hey, Yeah as the thread title says, which months do most retail shops (big and small) generally hire people for casual or part time work? Thanks.
  3. ConquerDiscover

    Question about completing degrees in regards to the new program

    Ok, I figured I'd make a new thread for this, because I think lots of people might have this question. In regards about the new degree structures, I remember reading something which says that everyone currently doing the old degree structures will be admitted into the new program if they don't...
  4. ConquerDiscover

    Vacation Employment for Science Students

    Hi everyone. For those doing a science degree and have done any past or current vacation employment, please share your experience as I'am curious to know about this. 1) How did you apply for the vacation employment? 2) When did you do the vacation job, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th year? etc...
  5. ConquerDiscover

    When does the 'Career Fair' at MQ start?

    Hey guys, Next year, when does the Career Fair Event start? I'm talking about that event where people from different companies come to the uni and provide career information to the students. I'm not sure if there was one this year, coz I didn't go to one. But if there is one next year...
  6. ConquerDiscover

    Good Luck Earth & Enviro Science Students for the HSC 2009!

    Hey Guys :love: I'd just like to wish all the 2009 Earth and Enviro students all the best for their HSC exam in a few weeks. This is a good time to just revise all the modules, revise your notes, do past papers, look up on anything you're not sure of etc. There's still time to revise =]...
  7. ConquerDiscover

    Good Luck for English Standard HSC 2009

    Hey guys :love: Just wishing all the people doing the HSC in a few weeks all the best. Standard English does scale well, so it's worth doing your best in it :) Good Luck!! ^^
  8. ConquerDiscover

    MQ General chatter thread

    hi, i know its a little bit late for this, but yeah :S just thought i'd make a thread for all the first yr ppl at macq in 09. so yeah, just introduce urself , ur course, how u are finding the uni so far, what clubs/organisations u've joined, and other details u want. also, feel free to...
  9. ConquerDiscover

    latest movies come late.

    hey, does any1 actually know why the latest movies take longer to show in australian cinemas? like, sum of the latest movies have already been shown in U.S cinemas for a month now and it still hasnt come out in australia yet.
  10. ConquerDiscover

    Do Captions count in the word limit?

    hey i was just wondering, for example if i had like a diagram in my essay and i choose to put like a one sentence caption under it, does that count in the word limit? For example: Diagram Caption: Digram 1 showing etc etc. (Does this count in the word limit?) Thanks.
  11. ConquerDiscover

    how to reference diagrams

    hi i found a diagram in this book which i wanna use in my assignment. the thing is though, the book got this diagram from another source. my question is, when referencing where i got the diagram, do i reference the book or do i reference the source where the book got the diagram from...
  12. ConquerDiscover

    sufficient time for an assignment?

    hey.. i have like an assignment (an essay) due in like less than 10 days :spzz: is this like enough time to do a good job on it? like ive started it and all, but the research bit takes a while to do.. have u guys ever worked on an assignment n 10 days or less and got a good mark in it...
  13. ConquerDiscover

    do they give out ranks or just marks?

    hey, i was wondering, does macq uni give out actual ranks (based on assignments + exams) like in the hsc or do they just give out marks?
  14. ConquerDiscover

    assignments due already! wtf!

    hey, i've only been to the uni for like 2 weeks and i already have sum assignments due next week. lol, any other first years with a similar situation as me?
  15. ConquerDiscover

    how do people study at uni...?

    well after my first week at uni, i realized that it is a lot different from skool... its not like skool where the teachers tell you which questions to do in the texbook, which activities to do or what readings to do. so how do u guys study?
  16. ConquerDiscover

    Questions regarding downloading lecture slides and readings from textbook

    hi well im probably gonna ask a mentor person or someone about this but i thought i might as well post it on bos. yeah i was wondering, when will the lecture slides become available on the student site? coz i went to the student site to check out the lecture slides for this lecture i had two...
  17. ConquerDiscover

    Question regarding downloading slides of lectures and readings.

    hey. im probably gonna ask a mentor or someone about this, but i thought i might as well post it on bos to see if anyone replies.
  18. ConquerDiscover

    Changing a unit

    heyz, im happy with all the units im doing for first sem, but for second sem, there's this one unit which i'm thinking i might not like after all. i've found a different unit which i'd rather do for the second sem, however this particular unit isnt a science unit. well i was just...
  19. ConquerDiscover

    Anyone work at Macquarie Centre?

    heyz, well seeing as Macquarie Centre is basically next to the uni, has any one ever tried getting a part time job there or currently working there. if so, how did u go about getting a job there / whats it like working there?
  20. ConquerDiscover

    Where will you sit in the first lecture?

    in the first lecture, where will you sit? well for me, i'll probably just sit somewhere in the middle, or if i see sum of my friends from school, ill probably just sit with them.