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    Whats the best tutoring centre you've been to?

    As someone whose been to Dr Du, I've gotta say that yes, Dr Du is reknowned for the top-end students, but it actually has several classes catered towards different ability levels. While the A1 classes (which more than half of the top 10 students at Ruse go to), are taught by Dr Du, with large...
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    Help deciding on maths tutor for year 10

    Although Dr Du is more well-known for the state-rankers/upper end of the academic spectrum, they have different classes which work at different speeds/difficulties (there are now classes that are not accelerated) to cater for a range of different ability levels.
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    Worried about some motors and generators stuff

    For induction cooktop high resistance is better. It is not electric current, but heat that cooks food. The heat in the pan is caused by resistive heating (When electrons collide with the positive metal lattice, they transform kinetic/electric energy into heat energy). Hence, it needs high...
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    HSC Physics Marathon 2013-2015 Archive

    re: HSC Physics Marathon Archive The syllabus dot point says "impact of transistors" on society with reference to microprocessors and microchips. (But if you did get a question with transformers and microchips, which would be strange,you can talk about how transformers made the current...
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    Equlibrium constant

    Make sure that you only include gaseous or aqueous species (Liquids and solids do not count) Make sure that when you use the ICE table, you are working with concentrations, so if the question gives you the number of moles, you first convert it to concentration C=n/v
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    stupid question about amphiprotic substances

    Amphiprotic substances can act as an acid or base, but not generally in the same conditions. for example, when NaHCO3 is dissolved in water, it acts as a base, because HCO3- has a greater tendency to accept protons from water than to donate. Hence, pH >7, and will not change once the reaction...
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    Awkward tutoring situation PT. 2

    In regards with your tutoring situation, firstly confirm whether Ben can really teach English. Even if he got 99.95, he may prefer Phys/chem, have more experience teaching phys/chem and thus be a much better phys/chem teacher than English. Andrew on the other hand, seems like he might have more...
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    2015ers Chit-Chat Thread

    MY TRIALS ARE FINALLY OVER !!!!! XD (now I just have to endure two traumatic weeks of results)
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    Screwed up trials but still want to get 90+ ATAR?!!

    I agree with BLIT2014. Not only do externals count for 50%, but also from what you've said, if your cohort is competitive, they can drag your school mark up. For example, even if your barely passing at school, if you have rank X, and after externals, the person in your who ranked X in externals...