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    Band 6 cut off?

    What you reckon? 65/84??
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    Permutations question - help!

    Hey guys, I'm finding these types of questions kind've difficult. These two questions are similar I think you just need to know the approach. 1.how many 4 letter arrangements are possible from the word DIVERSITY 2. How many different 4 letter arrangements are possible using the 12 letters...
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    Polynomial/Complex number question! - need help!

    Ok, I can't seem to be able to prove this one, a litle help would be good :) parts 1 and 2 are ok, but you need them for 3) (nb, * is pie) p(x) = x^6 + x^3 + 1 1. show roots of p(x)=0 are amongst x^9 - 1 = 0 2. Show p(x) = (x^2 -2xcos2*/9 + 1)(x^2 -2xcos4*/9 + 1)(x^2 -2xcos8*/9 + 1)...
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    English - AOS vs Paper 2...

    What percentage of both count towards the final mark? Are the marks scaled against a total of 105 (making paper 1 less significant then paper 2) or are the 45 marks in paper 1 equal to the 60 marks in paper 2?
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    State Averages?

    Is there a place where you can find the state averages for each course?
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    Internal Assessment mark Query

    Hey everyone, I just want to ask a question that can hopefully be cleared up. Lets say a student adds up all their internal assessment marks over the year and gets 89.4/100 and comes first, whereas second place counts their marks and gets 88.7/100... Are both marks scaled to 89 via rounding...
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    Clearing up question - position or internal mark?

    Hey everyone, I just need one thing cleared up. I've been told by my teachers/deputy that your internal mark does not matter when the exams come around, only your position. As in 1st place will recieve the highest external mark, account for 50%, and the 2nd place wil lreceive the 2nd highest...
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    Scaling Question

    Hey everyone, I'm new here, so please don't regard me as a moron for asking a question that has probably already been asked =) I've been searching this site trying to find some information on the system of scaling, and the difference of scaling in different subjects... I can't seem to find...