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    Hsc tutoring [2u + 3u maths] [physics] [Chemistry] [biology]

    If anyone is looking for a tutor I recommend this person: www.yuri-tutoring.com HSC TUTOR - Science & Maths All sciences (Physics, biology, chemistry), 2u/3u maths. Tutoring for 10 years+ privately, university (unsw & USyd) Group or 1-1. UAI (ATAR): 98.6, PhD scholarship winner in...
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    I need help with a question thx

    Hey so I've just got a few questions for my understanding would appreciate if anyone could help; So they give you the Ksp of BaC2O4 to be 2.0 x 10-7. Then what you do is you write out the ionic product for its ions so [Ba2+][C2O42-] = 2.0 x 10-7 First of all, I don't actually understand...
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    Complex numbers HELPP pLEASE

    Hey guys im struggling with a few concepts on complex numbers and just wondering if anyone could clear them up because im legit abt to neck. I know a lot of basic facts but I don't fully understand how they work which is really bugging me... Ok so, for the question: i) I get that you go...
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    Binomial Help PLS

    Hey guys having heaps of trouble with binomial, would be great if someone could help with this question! https://gyazo.com/e0b5251a4a6f2123f58967e4d7049c04 Thanks. FYI I think the result in ii) you will get n(n-1)2^n-2 i think that is correct atleast thats what i got maybe the question is...
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    drop or keep ext2

    Hey so we just started the 4U course and I was finding it difficult to keep at to begin with but am getting better slowly on the way but it kinda sucks because all the ppl in my class are no1. Good at maths no2 have tutoring so they already know most of the content. I find 2U really batshit easy...
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    Related Text Suggestion with Merchant of Venice

    Hey guys our class is studying the Merchant of Venice and I’m in search of related texts! Since the prescribed is a play I would rather have a related that is a film/poem/novel etc... if anyone could give me any suggestions I would highly appreciate it because I have no idea what I’m doing rn...
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    Music 2

    how tf do u study for music 2 trials/hsc if all the f**king past papers on nesa are fucking awaiting copyright.
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    5. Find the equation of the straight line that contains the POI of 3x+2y-12=0 and 5x-y-7=0 and that: c) is perpendicular to the line y=5 I can do it doing simultaneous equations but thats beta shit and takes to long How do i do it using k's 3x + 2y - 12 + k(5x - y - 7) = 0 (3+5k)x +...
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    How to study for english

    Yo i got an english exam coming up and its probably the most legit one ive done. We are studying 7 poems by W.B Yeats and in the exam we need to respond to an essay question(which we have been given) where they play 1 of the 7 poems (as an audio file WE GET NO TRANSCRIPT) in which we use that...