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  1. kerfuffle

    I want free newspapers

    ^ Probably at the UWS Connect shop. That's where I pick mine up at Kingswood.
  2. kerfuffle

    how to login to AirUWS?

    AirUWS's the wireless network for UWS. If you have a laptop with wireless built-in, you can use the wireless network to access the Internet, even in selected outdoor areas.
  3. kerfuffle

    how to login to AirUWS?

    It's been fixed though, according to an e-mail that was sent out a few days ago. No wonder my laptop couldn't connect to the Internet last week at Kingswood! Came up with a 'Couldn't find page' error. I'm assuming that's the reason why my laptop wouldn't download and install the NetDirect...
  4. kerfuffle

    I want free newspapers

    I saw the free subscription to the Daily Telegraph stall at the Kingswood campus today. I don't know whether they're there all week, though. I didn't have to sign up again for the Daily Telegraph at uni this year; they sent me a letter asking if I wanted to subscribe for free again. =) The card...
  5. kerfuffle

    So how much did you pay for your books this sem.?

    Ouch. O_O Mine was around $160, but so far it's $125 - I bought quite a few of them (as they were novels and plays) at Borders with their 40% off coupons. Unfortunately, I couldn't buy my only textbook this semester there 'cause they didn't have it. xD Need to buy two more novels (if you can...
  6. kerfuffle

    I want free newspapers

    It's $30 for the SMH Card this year.
  7. kerfuffle

    orientation + enrolling

  8. kerfuffle

    Spring 2007 Exam Results

    They're working now. Got three passes and a distinction. ^_^
  9. kerfuffle

    What to take into the exam?

    I don't think you're allowed to take snacks in, unfortunately. They will let you bring in a bottle of water, though.
  10. kerfuffle

    spring session exam timetable out

    Got two exams this semester, spaced a week apart, which is good. The bad news is that my last exam is in the last week of November . . . =(
  11. kerfuffle

    B communication?

    I'm not sure. You'll need to ask the uni that.
  12. kerfuffle

    How long to get to Penrith?

    Dunno about Bankstown, but I live in the Fairfield area. By bus and train, it takes at least ninety minutes. By car, it takes half an hour.
  13. kerfuffle

    Few questions...

    Read (on Wikipedia) that it was to be called Chifley University by the NSW Labor Government, until the Liberal Government that succeeded them renamed it University of Western Sydney.
  14. kerfuffle

    B communication?

    Yeah, you can. I'm doing a B Arts at the moment, and took some of the Communication units (Writing as Communication and Introduction to Journalism) as my electives. Means going between the Kingswood (or Bankstown) and Werrington South campuses, though.
  15. kerfuffle

    Biggest and the best campus?

    Only at Bankstown and Penrith.
  16. kerfuffle

    all uws.edu.au 's down!!

    Is that what you're looking for?
  17. kerfuffle

    B Science/B Laws

    Maybe she picked Intro to Law as an elective?
  18. kerfuffle

    Exam timetables

    I have two exams in two days, then nothing until a few days later, where I have one more exam, then I'm done.
  19. kerfuffle

    smh tertiary card for $20

  20. kerfuffle

    smh tertiary card for $20

    Meh. I had to pay for mine. On the other hand, I got a free subscription to The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph. ^_^ (And yes, I had to call to get my copy of the Sunday Telegraph delivered. -_____________________-")