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    found you

    found you
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    Human Induced Climate Change

    my point is, why don't we try to keep human civilisation alive for as long as possible? why throw in the towel already?
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    Human Induced Climate Change

    sorry should have been a bit more clear. What i meant to say was no one knows if it's humans and all this pollution that's causing global warming, or if this is a natural process (or maybe it's a combination of both), but the point is, it's happening and whatever we're doing is just speeding...
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    need help in quanta quarks question!! PLS HELP

    so what don't you get about it? add up the individual masses of the protons, neutrons, and electrons on the left, then do the same for the right hand side, convert everything to amu. find the difference (this will be the mass defect) then use E=mc^2 to find the energy. all good?
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    ah ok dw you're not the same person

    ah ok dw you're not the same person
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    is this katherine pierce from queenwood?

    is this katherine pierce from queenwood?
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    General Thoughts: Chemistry

    are you talking about the ostwald process? Cus that was pretty much just about equilibrium - which is in our syllabus
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    Multiple Choice

    15 is a
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    Human Induced Climate Change

    ok so no one knows for sure if it's real or not, but isn't the whole point that human induced factors are expediting the process? yeah humanity will probably be forced to extinction some point in the future, but why make it happen sooner rather than later? It's like being sick and not taking any...
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    physics/Chem final prep

    I never said that I don't understand them. I just hate how you feel the need to undermine every other conviction but your own. It's quite pathetic really.
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    physics/Chem final prep

    wow does anyone else think that this khorne guy is either a massive troll or an arrogant turd?
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    Is citric acid triprotic ??

    yeah it is
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    French continuers!

    as far as I know, native speakers can't do continuers french - they have to do background i think. But everyone can do french ext. :(
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    hey what school do you go to? x

    hey what school do you go to? x
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics

    yeah this is what i got
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    Business vs Medicine

    How are you wasting your UAI? If anything you're making the most of it
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    Business vs Medicine

    ok, what is then?
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    Business vs Medicine

    It's obvious from this post that you certainly do not have what it takes to be a doctor. The most important part of being a doctor is that you need to have compassion and the desire to genuinely help people. If starting salary and course duration are your top priorities, then I suggest you stick...