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  1. darshil

    HSC Study Guides (2145/2134 NSW) PDHPE | ENGLISH | S SCI ~Cheap~

    ADV. ENGLISH 1) Top Notes Richard III Module A 2009-2012 HSC - $5 2) Top Notes Romulus My Father Belonging - $5 3) Top Notes Gwen Harwood Module B 2009-2012 - $5 All in good condition. Hardly used. Might help current students, I dunno. SENIOR SCIENCE 1) Dot Point HSC Senior Science - $10 2)...
  2. darshil

    Plans/To-do list for English during the coming school holidays

    Hello, Thought it would be a good idea to start a thread on your to-do list for the coming holidays relating to English and English HSC Trails. Also would love to hear how you are planning to allocate your time to English study and practice.
  3. darshil

    Biology extra curricular ideas?

    Hello everyone, Just wondering if there were any extra curricular actives from universities and/or organisations that are fun to do and should be considered. Something like the NCSS Learn Python initiative from Usyd which I found very useful and engaging. I had in mind competitions...
  4. darshil

    Gwen Harwood Assessment - Written Speech 2009

    Hiya all fellow HSC'ers, I'd like to share my assessment for Module B: Critical Study of Text (2009 - First year of changed English syllabus). It was written speech (we did not have to speak it) with the analysis and connection between (minimum) 2 poems along with personal response and critical...
  5. darshil

    not buying textbooks

    Hi everyone! Has anyone got by by NOT buying a prescribed text? If so how and with what strategies? Borrowing from the library? Photocopies? Thanks for your time
  6. darshil

    broken earphones?

    Hi fellow music listeners, does the right or left earphone suddenly stop working after a few weeks/months for anyone? Every earphone I have bought (ranging from a dollar to $35) has always done this and I am sick and tired of it. There must be some fix or precaution? Let's protest against this!
  7. darshil

    to buy or not to buy

    should we buy textbooks? Hi there everyone. I will be studying B Commerce/ B Economics this year and want to know if I should buy the textbooks now or wait until lectures start. Right now I am thinking that if I buy the prescribed texts (perhaps even second hand) there won't be too much rush...
  8. darshil

    B commerce/economics timetable

    Hi everyone, I have chosen to do B Commerce and B Economics: ACCT1501 ECON1101 ECON1203 MGMT1001 Could you give me some opinions on this timetable I have set out? I am a morning person I guess! Thank you.
  9. darshil

    ECON 1101 help

    Hi everyone, Today must be a very busy day! I have a question about the ECON1101 course. There is a class on at MON and TUE from 11am to 12pm. I have an option of having a tutorial either before that (10 to 11) or after that... Which one should I choose? Is it okay to have a tutorial...
  10. darshil

    b commerce / b economics courses

    Hi there everyone, I have chosen to do B Commerce/B Economics at UNSW and was wondering if the courses I have added are correct for the first semester: ACCT1501 ECON1101 ECON1203 MGMT1001 Thank you for your time PS: Will everyone do the same (in the first semester) or can we vary (e.g. take...
  11. darshil


    Hi everyone, On Wednesday we will get our offers and I am hoping I get accepted at UNSW. I just wanted to know what the enrolment procedure will be if I get accepted and what would be some general tips to make the best of it. My first preference is a B Commerce (which I want to combine with...
  12. darshil


    Hi there everyone, I am interested in studying Economics next year at UNSW. Could someone provide me with some suggestions of interesting readings that could help in the future? For example some books by economists or just some that get me to think in economists' shoes. Thanks!
  13. darshil

    unsw B Commerce/B CompSci possible?

    Hi there everyone, I was just wondering if B Commerce and B Computer Science can be combined at UNSW. There is nothing like this in the UAC book but there is B Commerce/B Science available. Thanks
  14. darshil

    information systems major or degree @UNSW?

    Hi everyone! I am interested in doing B Commerce at UNSW and that is certain. However I am stuck in deciding whether to take B Commerce/B Information Systems or take B Commerce and just do a Information systems major. My question was that which is the best one to do. Obviously it would...
  15. darshil

    How much economics in B Commerce @ UNSW

    Hi there everyone! I hope you had a great new year's eve. I am planning to do B Commerce/B Information Systems at UNSW and was wondering how much economics is involved in it. You see I really enjoy economics and I hope to see more of it. In the course outline I can see that Macroeconomics 1 is...
  16. darshil

    logical combination?

    Hi everyone! I am thinking of doing Commerce at UNSW combined with Information Systems. I think I want to do a major in Finance. Does this seem like a logical decision in terms of it helping towards a career? Also I have this aim of working at the Reserve Bank of Australia. The finance major...
  17. darshil


    Hi there, I have just finished the HSC and with my free time I want to volunteer at any organisation. I just need some ideas on where I could volunteer. I can think of some but I know I am overlooking some that will only be realised if we brainstorm. Thank you for your time!
  18. darshil

    B Science (Information Systems) question @UNSW

    Hi everyone, I would like to know what this degree is all about and the experience you have had with it (if any). I thoroughly enjoyed Information Processes and Technology at High School and wish to extend the type of things I learn there. Thank you for your time.
  19. darshil

    does the school find out our ATAR?

    Hi everyone, Hope all is going well. Does the school find out your hsc results and/or ATAR? Thanks
  20. darshil

    Year 9 books

    Hi there, My brother will be in Year 9 in 2010. Now after progressing through Year 12 I have found that some exercise/work/theory books really helped me e.g. write essays etc. My Brother will be doing Advanced Mathematics, English and Science (all in the top classes) along with History and...