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    Accommodation: Taking over contract.

    To my knowledge, Unilodge seems to lack the community atmosphere that the other colleges have, as well as some other issues.
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    Accommodation: Taking over contract.

    Someone who wants to transfer to Unilodge? That must be a first.
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    The Tennis Thread

    Re: The Official Tennis Thread Kevin Spacey is rooting for Murray
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    ANU Roll Call 2013

    BAH got Fenner Hall, don't mind the walk but I really didn't want self-catered =/
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    Accommodation guarentee

    Impossible to say. It says on the website that late offers are dealt with in a ballot, ergo it depends on the number of vacancies + the number of late offers.
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    ANU Roll Call 2013

    Eng/Eco See you fellas there.
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    Post Your 2013 University Offers Here

    Eng/Eco at ANU Pumped
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    Weis Bars.

    Dude Chocolate & Coconut all the way, why is that not on the poll? But I have to admit, mango and ice cream is pretty hectic.
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    What is your first preference?

    Eco/Engineering at ANU
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    Best laptop for uni - any price

    I recently got a VAIO E series 14p - was just shy of $1000 with the following specs: 2.5 GHz 4 GB Ram 750 GB hard drive Also of a moderate weight, while not as light as the slimmest models available, still light enough to not be a burden.
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    Who's excited to start uni?

    So excited mang. Doing eco/engineering at ANU
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    Anu 2013

    I'm making the voyage from familiar old Sydney to the strange land that is Canberra next year. Picked Bruce as 1st preference, sorta worried though because everyone seems to be picking Bruce =s
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    Atar estimate

    Hi guys, I would appreciate it if you devoted a second of your life to give a mildy logical estimate of my ATAR based on ranks: Economics: 15/74 English (Advanced): 52/157 English (Extension 1): 24/49 Legal Studies: 11/30 Mathematics: 30/58 Physics: 21/41 School ranking...
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    That tower question

    The rotational velocity keeps it in a orbit lower than Geostationary - at least thats what I said for tower B.
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    Favourite Director

    I hope you're trolling. Otherwise I mourn for your soul.
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    Favourite Director

    Hard to have a single favourite, maybe top 4... Kubrick, Nolan, Tarantino, Scorcese
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    After The Bomb - Critical Theory

    I'll explain a bit: JP Sartre pioneered the principle of Authenticity, which states that for life to have meaning, one must live true to their own beliefs/aspirations. Herman Kahn proposed that nuclear conflict was winnable, and enforced a heavily utilitarian approach towards war. Bertrand...
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    After The Bomb - Critical Theory

    Some I've used: Waiting for Godot: JP Sartre The Spy Who Came in from the Cold: Herman Kahn/Bertrand Russell A Clockwork Orange: Joseph McCarthy Dr. Strangelove: Dwight D. Eisenhower
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    Physics marathon (hsc)

    Not sure about in focus, but there is a subheading in in2Physics: 'variations in gravitational field', which details numerous things, i.e. altitude, equatorial bulge, differences in Earth's density, position of Sun/Moon ETC.