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    Receiving raw marks in HSC results?

    I'd like to know about the marks that you receive for your individual subjects after you complete the HSC: - Is there any way to find out your raw marks for each subject? - Regarding the english papers, is there any way that you can find out the marks that you've scored for the...
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    dummy variables

    A typical example of this would be to prove that int(f(a-x)dx) =int(f(x)dx) when using the substitution u = a-x and progressing to int(f(a-u)du), why is u interchangable with x? the main dispute I have is that it appears to conflict with the relationship u = a-x, which suggests that u...
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    2015 independent paper physics

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    Is this use of apostrophes correct or not?

    I see it used all the time... "Mathew's the best" "Bob's lifting the weights" Is this a correct use of apostrophes? I'm pretty sure that for people, apostrophes are used as possessives only
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    To 2014 HSCers - Trial papers

    What company did your school buy their physics trials from? (just wondering what is the most popular company) or did they make them themselves?
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    Parametrics gradients

    Just say if I have a line with collinear points PMQ. If I were to calculate the gradient of the end points P and Q, is it viable to use the gradient of PM (or QM) instead? (if so, do I need to state it in my proof)
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    Gpe question

    Explain why the energy needed to place a satellite in orbit is greater than the work required to lift the satellite to the correct height of this orbit. In other terms,why does it take more energy to put a satellite into orbit at x km altitude than it does just to lift it up to x km?