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  1. jetfan

    quick raw mark question

    Hey guys, I'm aiming to score a 40/50 for 3 unit, thats what my school assessment mark was, at a selective school, and I was just wondering what raw mark i would roughly have to achieve to get this, thanks in advance
  2. jetfan

    French continuers - how'd you go

    yeah, thought listening was a bugger, apart from that, all good, how bout you guys
  3. jetfan

    Probability question

    If I flip a coin, what are my chances of getting head... Big laughs yes, back to work now i suppose
  4. jetfan

    Who else is feeling it

    Over the last few weeks, I have been becoming more and more like an insomniac. I go to sleep at like 1ish then by 6 im wide awake. Hopefully this won't affect me in the long run. Anyone else feeling nerves, got symptoms of these said nerves.
  5. jetfan

    Help with particle accelerator dot pt plz

    identify the ways by which physicists continue to develop their understanding of matter using accelerators as a probe to investigate the structure of matter Thanks in advance guys, I've only read stuff about how they are given kinetic energy and fired at target, is this meant to simulate...
  6. jetfan

    Question about geometry reasoning

    just a question for people who have done/marked geometry questions, are you allowed to shorten your reasoning, i.e insted of base angles of isoceles(sp?) triangle, can you write base /_'s isos. /_\. If you know what I'm talknig about, feel free to comment
  7. jetfan

    What's your age? HSC people

    Just a little thing too see how old everyone is doing their hsc this year, I'm 16, not turning 17 before hsc, true story