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    Atar estimate

    Hi guys, I would appreciate it if you devoted a second of your life to give a mildy logical estimate of my ATAR based on ranks: Economics: 15/74 English (Advanced): 52/157 English (Extension 1): 24/49 Legal Studies: 11/30 Mathematics: 30/58 Physics: 21/41 School ranking...
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    Doubling up on a text

    I just wanted an opinion on whether it is acceptable for someone to use the same text for both Belonging and Conflicting Perspectives - the question isn't that it may not be applicable (the film is great for both), but whether its not condoned by the BOS or something like that. BTW the text in...
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    Atar estimate

    School rank: 65-ish English Advanced: 63/150 Physics: 23/50 Economics:25/90 English Extension: 18/40 Legal Studies:15/40 Thanks in advance