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    current level to UAI

    what would be an estimation of my UAI by how i believe my HSC is going so far raw marks english advanced. 90 at school a close 2nd mathematics ext 2 70-75 1st at school mathematics ext 1 85-95 1st at school Physics 85-90 1st at school...
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    raw marks/scaling

    what would be a mark that would get a band 6 or high band 5????
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    once again raw/scaled

    what would a raw mark of about 70-77/84 so high 80% to low 90% scale to.... anyone
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    Uai prediction

    hey i was wondering if people could give me a prediction for what they think my current marks would translate into a UAI, i only go to a small country highschool too(but it is in the top 50). i need 95+. hopefuly 99+ though. 4u maths. mark= 81. rank= 1/1 3u maths. mark= 95. rank= 1/4...