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    WIll i get in the high 80s?

    Maths- 85 Legal - 80 Bio-72 (grr!!) English-83 Drama - 84 Thank you
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    HELP : art subjects..what do i have to do?

    Hey I really want to do Visual Communications at UTS but as back ups I want to do other art subjects that let me do advertising and animation and designy stuff. can anyone tell me what are some good courses and if its to late to get interviews and portfolios in?:) :cool:
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    Can you pls rerate my UAI cos based my HSC marks on some statistics..THANK YOU:D

    Can you pls rerate my UAI cos I based my HSC marks on some statistics..THANK YOU:D HEY PEOPLES! sorry i got a friend to compare my ranking with last years statistics and I was wondering if you guys could predict my UAI? Thank you so much! My Skool Came 4th Last year so Im hoping that will...
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    Do you think I'll get over 82? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

    Hey guys. Can you do me a favour and predict my chances.. My school came fourth last year ( and hopefully it will keep that rank..lol) My marks are English- 70 guessing HSC mark 75 Drama - 90 guessing HSC mark 90-95 Legal Studies - 80 guessing HSC mark 75 Biology- 50 but i studied...