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  1. J

    LAW 2007 - Orientation Day

    Dear All New Law Students, Just a quick message to check out the Law Students' Association's features on Orientation Day. We are planning an advocacy exercise you might be interested in. It will form part of our Legal Skills Series which is a perfect oppurtunity for all interested in furthering...
  2. J

    Summer School

    So who is doing what? I have chosen Immigration and Refugee Law.
  3. J

    Mentoring - IBL

    This is a note to all Introduction to Business Law students. I have recieved emails in the past few days about the assignment. I understand the pressure here. However, I make the following advice unofficially: Mentoring can only be given face-to-face - there are psychological aspects to...
  4. J

    Party time

    Hey All, You may have heard this, but the Business Legal and Ethics Association, the UN Society and the Business and Commerce Society will be all hosting one major party evening. It will be on the 13 December 2006 at 7pm at the Lighthouse, Parramatta. There will be students from different...
  5. J

    Uws Law Students Association By-election

    Hi All, This is predominately for members of the Law Students' Association at UWS. On Monday 10 April 2006, there will be an election at Campbelltown Campus at the Law School Building. I would like to notify that I am running for the position of Vice President for Parramatta and seek your...
  6. J

    Time To Party - 12 April

    Hey Everyone, The UWS Law Students' Association is organising a UWS-wide party at the Roxy - Parramatta on 12 April 2006 (next week). Starts at 8pm (Happy Hour). Night will include DJ. Entry is free! Come along and bring anyone. No matter what degree you are doing, the party is for all. We...
  7. J

    Mentoring and Tutoring

    As the year starts again, so too does Introduction to Business Law. I again offer my services as a Mentor and Tutor in this unit. Contact me at adamopjon@optusnet.com.au for more details!
  8. J

    WebCT Question

    Just wanted to ask if everyone's WebCt is in full operation (that is they have access to some of Semester Autumn of 2006). The university imposed said it could not find a payment I made and so procedure is to restrict access - problem is I confirmed with them I made the payment on time in...
  9. J

    Your Consolidated Guide

    To consolidate everyone's questions on how to enrol and the like, I have created this post to assist somewhat. Accepting Your Offer When an offer is made by the UAC, you simply, as you would know, accept it online. The university will contact you via mail about other things you need may need...
  10. J

    Last Chance: THE LAUNCH

    Just a reminder to all students (even non-students) that this is the last chance to reserve tickets for the Business Law Association Launch. The Association has undegone some changes (now called the "Business, Legal and Ethics Association"). Ticket prices has dropped, it is now $55 per...
  11. J

    Business Law Association Launch

    Dear Legal Studies Students, A group of students have come together to start a Business Law Association at UWS which is currently in construction. We plan on launching this associatio on 8 December with a formal dinner party. We would like to to invite all legal studies students and...
  12. J

    Business Law Association Launch

    BUSINESS LAW ASSOCIATION THE LAUNCH It's Everyone's Business Reserve your tickets now for the Business Law Association Launch. All students across all campuses invited. Date 8 December 2005 Time 7pm Dress Formal Cost $60 per person, or $115 for two (Includes three course...
  13. J


    Jennifer notified me of the 3-4 minute limit for our Criminal Law Bail Applications. That is so small!! What can I possibly advocate in 3-4 minutes? It takes about 1 minute to spell my last name.
  14. J

    Introduction to Business Law Mentoring - Spring

    Just a message for all students doing Introduction to Business Law this semester, my mentoring times are: 2-3pm Tuesday (see lectures for weeks) in Room EDG 14 at Parramatta Campus. Cheers.
  15. J

    UWS Site

    Just wondering, are any of you or do you know of those who are pictured on our UWS website? Just a query I raise now when I don't have assignments gazing at me.
  16. J

    LPAB Name Change

    Just some info. The Legal Practitioners Admission Board will be called the Legal Profession Admission board later on this year when the Legal Profession Act 2004 (NSW) commences.
  17. J

    The Hon Justice Sir Harry Gibb

    In light of the recent passing of Sir Harry Gibb on Saturday. I wanted to express my condolences and sympathies to a man who was truly a great member of our High Court bench. His strict logic of the law and issues surrounding are truly inspirational to the direction of the High Court in this...
  18. J

    Introduction to Law

    How did you all find that exam? My personal thoughts, the statutory interpretation question was ambiguous itself, the third question related to an article of one of the hardest-to-understand authors, Julius Stone and the last question dealt with a topic we covered in half a seminar. Gotta...
  19. J

    TPA and FTA - the difference

    You may have come accross two pieces of legislation dealing with consumers: The Fair Trading Act 1987 (NSW) and the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth). Just thought I would make a point on the difference. Both pieces of legislation contain a clause on diceptive and misleading trade practices...
  20. J

    Introduction to Business Law Forum - Exam, Content and Assignment Discussion

    Over the past semester I have had the pleasure of mentoring students doing the unit Introduction to Business Law. Unfortunantely mentoring for me ended today however I do note that many students still have questions. I would like to remind those students that they are free to visit the site...