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  1. IcyRain

    Wrong Answers?

    Got these two questions wrong in a trial past paper. 10. I'm sure it has to be incomplete dominance (D) but the paper says Co-dominance (B). 16. I looked up Divergent Evolution (C) and it notes Darwin's Finches as a famous example, but the paper states it's Convergent Evolution (D)...
  2. IcyRain

    Need Help!

    Okay, so i have finished most of these questions for an assignment and i need some help with this question. Its General Maths by the way. Paying Loan Costs Your car is worth $14,990. You already have a deposit of 10% and will repay the balance using a compound interest loan of 12% pa over 5...
  3. IcyRain

    Help Understanding Question

    This is for an in class essay of Module A for advanced. 'While a comparative study highlights similar ideas, primarily it accentuates the distinctive context and values of composers and their texts, To what extent is this made evident. How would I answer this effectively? Do I mainly highlight...
  4. IcyRain

    Good Thesis Point?

    Hi, just wondering if these thesis statements are appropriate to my assignment, which is a 4 minute speech on how the composer represents their ideas about belonging. I'll pm them to you if your interested to help. Thanks :)
  5. IcyRain

    Creative Marking?

    Hey guys. I have an creative writing assessment that I have to hand in, in about a week. Was just wondering if anyone would be kind enough to have a quick read of my writing and give some feedback, improvements and so forth. It is my first time doing a creative writing in senior years, so I'm...
  6. IcyRain

    Picture Book?

    Is it a good or bad idea to use a picture book as a related text for a speech about belonging? [prescribed text is Fahrenheit 451] Or is better to stick to a film. I don't think anyone in my class would do a picture book.
  7. IcyRain

    Creative Writing Idea?

    Sup BoS. Was just wondering if anyone has any ideas of a story based of the following stimulus. 'It may all be different but no-one could take his/her memories away - not now, not ever'. First creative writing I will be writing. Any ideas that aren't to cliche and presented in third person?