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    ncoul's raw marks - Eng. Adv., Drama, Jap. Cont., Legal, Modern

    I understand that a dedicated thread's been made for raw marks, but there's too many to put into one post. For future students: I really believe that the illegibility of my writing and lack of sleep before the exams (legal and modern especially) severely affected my marks. I encourage you all...
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    98.70 - Competitive for second year transfer into LLB?

    I finished my HSC this year with an ATAR of 98.70, a whole point below the typical cut-off for USYD law. I understand that although the uni stipulates 97+ and a D average for second year transfer, it is much more competitive and viable candidates should be around the 98.50 mark with a HD...
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    Absurdist Monologue

    I'm doing quit a niche, bold absurdist piece by Samuel Beckett, entitled 'A piece of monologue'. The piece is pretty aberrant to other absurdist pieces in that the stimulation is not supposed to be visual, rather an emphasis is to be placed on the non-sequential, vacillating dialogue. It mean...
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    Half-Yearly Atar Estimate

    From my half-yearly ranks, what am I looking at? School Rank: 70 in 2012, usually around 80 English Advanced: 3/110 Drama: 2/27 Modern: 3/65 Legal: 2/45 Japanese Cont.: 2/10 (Inevitable state ranker at 1st) Japanese Ext.: 2/5 Should improve by trials, looking for first in Modern...
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    TSFX lectures or equivalent

    Am I missing out if I don't attend a lecture like the tsfx or sydney uni cce ones these holidays? Has anyone been to these?
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    UMelb JD pathway & Chancellor Scholarship Program

    Melbourne's prestige Internationally seems to increasing, with the best rankings in Australia. Basically, I understand that their degree program has seen a sweeping change in the last few years, with a new layout. To my knowledge, a law degree can only be attained now through a 6 year course...
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    Question that's impertinent to the syllabus

    Today I sat a Modern paper, strictly pertaining to dot points 3 and 4 (Turning points and Allied Victory). However, one of the questions was based around the Zimmerman telegram between Germany and Mexico, with the question being, "What were the REASONS for America's entry into the war? Use...
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    Political comment in creative?

    My creative revolves around female oppression in the middle east- making a comment about islam and how it traditionally places women in subserivence. Is this too outlandish and controversial for the BOS?
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    Quoting foreign films

    It's rare to find direct translations for what's said in a different language and subtitles often paraphrase or nuance. So how should i quote foreign films?
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    Fisher during stuvac

    Thought it would be a good time to ask, how busy is Sydney university's Fisher library during stuvac and holidays throughout the year? If i go there to work, am i able to get a table?
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    IP selection help

    I'm approaching year 12 and would ideally like to decide on a monologue these holidays. I don't really know my limitations nor versatility as an actor as i've only acted in occasional performances. I really enjoyed doing a monologue of Harold Pinter's 'The Caretaker' last term, achieving the...
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    UNSW & USyd

    As a prospective law student, lately i have been intently inquiring and researching, attempting to find out which uni would be more beneficial. Looking to see what respective students have to say. I've heard great things about UNSW lately. Apparently a new curriculum is being introduced, with...
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    How should I approach Term 3 Year 11?

    Hey guys, just inquiring, from your past experience, how do you feel I should approach work and exams during term 3 of year 11? Year 12 is going to be extremely stressful, so should I treat this last term of prelim. as a period of relaxation or rigor? Should I cement a routine to carry through...
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    Scholarship to go on exchange during holidays?

    Hey guys, Just asking, my teacher feels that I have a considerable chance of getting a paid exchange to Japan at the end of the year. I'd have to apply and all, but I think it would be invaluable to my year 12 studies. However, it would be for two weeks during the Christmas break. I'm looking...
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    3 Extensions too much?

    Hey guys, I'm in year 11 at the moment currently undertaking: Adv. Eng Ext. Eng Jap Cont. Legal Modern Drama Society I wish to do 3 extensions in year 12: Hist Ext, Jap Ext & English Ext1. Yet, my school adheres to a policy stating that, in year 12, your first 10 units must comprise of 2...
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    Source analysis- My own knowledge

    Need some help with combining my knowledge with sources. How exactly would I format my response? Analyse source A and the move on to source B, or do them both together? Also, in a similar way to english exam, for example, a source's quote, then effect, then input some of my own knowledge or...
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    Hey guys, I'm in the midst of finalising my notes for next term and have some questions to ask. I understand for English there is no real alternative than to memorize your analysis and mold, if you will, your analysis around the question. What about for other subjects like History or Legal...
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    What did you do?

    I'd like to hear from the high achievers, the students that received an ATAR of >99. What exactly do you believe assisted you the most in gaining such a mark? In your response, please talk about how you studied, the amount of hours, the severity of your procrastination and your overall habits...
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    Difference between sophistication and verbosity

    Hey all, Today, i received an English essay back with a mark of 12/15. This has caused me much grief as I normally get around 14-15. Anyway, the main criticism from a teacher was that my use of verbose language, inhibiting clarity in my essay, brought down my marks. I feel that an essay needs to...
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    Cambridge/Oxford Law

    I attend a city school and i feel the urge to escape Sydney. I may be taking it to the extreme, but i'm purely curious. I understand i'm in year 11 and it will require a high ATAR, but i've heard of people doing it, going to Cambridge and Oxford and studying. My only worry is that if, by some...