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  1. J

    Hamlet- Textual Integrity Question

    Hey Guys, I really need some help writing the textual integrity style questions for Hamlet, e.g. "What will continue to make Hamlet worthy of critical study?" "Interpretations of texts can shift and change with time and place. Considering your time and place, reflect on the ways in which...
  2. J

    IEEE 754 single precision FPS

    hey guys, I really need some help, apparently this can be in our trial exam, and our teacher hasn't taught it to us, aka, he can't teach it to us. Here is the question: The following sequence of hexadecimal digits is found at a specific address in memory: C1 D1 00 00 This memory address...
  3. J

    Conflicting Perspectives-HELP???

    Hey Guys, Just need some help in understanding the conflicting perspectives topic a bit better. My class is doing the justice game as the text. I know that we have to look at various conflicting perspectives within the text, and then get related texts which also have various conflicting...
  4. J

    HSC INtensive Summit. Anyone done it before?

    Hey Guys, I'm looking at doing a hsc lecture program before the HSC, and I am interested in one called the HSC Intensive summit, www.intensivesummit.com.au. Has anyone done it, or can tell me whether its any good?> Thanks.
  5. J

    Tim Riley Textbook p218 Help

    Hey Guys, If those of you who own the Tim Riley HSC 2009 Textbook could please turn to p 218, and look at figure 10.1 up the top. I am confused at how it works? The -100, what does that represent, the textbook says that exports autonomus are 100, but doesn't the graph say -100. ARGH HELP...
  6. J

    Creative Writing- Please review

    Hey Guys, Here is a creative writing i've written for an exam. The stimulus we have is a photo, showing people sitting out the front of a house having morning tea. If you wouldn't mind, could you guys read it and let me know what you think. Cheers. Every morning I wake up and see the...
  7. J

    The Crucible

    Hey Guys, Our school is doing the Crucible as the prescribed text. I don't want anybody to give me an essay, but i'm trying to figure out how you would write this type of essay on the Crucible. "Not Bleonging can be a greater learning experience than belonging" Discuss this statement...