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  1. kirstyanne-xx

    Uni help.

    So, my atar is 89.90. I got an early offer in B Business Commerce (Advanced Business Leadership)/B Laws at UWS parramatta, which is the course I wanted to do. Yet, i had a conditional scholarship (90 or over atar) which I missed out on by 0.1 I have contacted the uni and they won’t budge, which...
  2. kirstyanne-xx

    Legal studies + scaling.

    Got a phone call from some students in my Legal Studies class asking me what are the 4 topics we studied over the year. Definitely getting scaled down.
  3. kirstyanne-xx

    Romanticism: Creative

    How did everyone go in this section? and was the question implying a first person narrative?
  4. kirstyanne-xx

    Ext English 1: Possibility of specifying a text?

    Any thoughts or opinions on the likelihood of the paper specifying a particular prescribed text for the essay? It usually has said just two prescribed texts and texts of your own choosing. I do Texts and Ways of Thinking, Romanticism, if it helps. Thanks :)
  5. kirstyanne-xx

    Good luck :)

    Wish everyone all the best for their exams :)
  6. kirstyanne-xx

    Final Ranks, should I be as nervous as I am?

    English Advanced 1/9 English Extension 1/2 Business Studies 1/20 Legal Studies 1/12 Society and Culture 1/10 Biology 3/27 What do you think?
  7. kirstyanne-xx

    ATAR estimate?

    Adv English: 1/9 Ext English: 1/2 Biology: 2/37 Legal: 1/16 Business: 1/18 Society and Culture: 1/12 (Final Ranks)
  8. kirstyanne-xx

    Study Planners.

    How is everyone constructing their HSC study plans? Is 7-8 hours a day too much?