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  1. layzeehbum

    Business Stats 26134 - Does an open book exam mean any notes you like?

    You can bring anything you want. But it's advisable to bring just your own notes summarising the formulas, etc. since you wont have enough time to flick the textbooks aniwai
  2. layzeehbum

    Left my usb! =(

    I left my usb last friday in one of the haymarket campus computer labs. Is there any chance of getting it back???
  3. layzeehbum

    First Day

    for some subjects der are tutes on the first week
  4. layzeehbum

    First Day

    I don't even know my way round UTS dat much, and Im a 2nd yr student. Srsly... ==
  5. layzeehbum

    Student Diary 2010

    Oh awesome =D I'll check again 2moro =D
  6. layzeehbum

    Student Diary 2010

    Omfg, where the hell are they? There's no bloody table next to the ticketmaster, And I went to the tower building just to get the bloody thing... Sigh I feel like a complete doofus TT__TT
  7. layzeehbum

    Student Diary 2010

    So true though :p But Im a cheapo so I'm gonna grab one later :p
  8. layzeehbum

    The UTS 2010 Rollcall

    B Business (second year)!!!
  9. layzeehbum


    U srs!? I went to oday last yr... kindof a waste of time... have no idea which clubs are worth joining ==
  10. layzeehbum

    Computers @ UTS

    Um no.. as far as I kno... u can just use if no one is using dem..
  11. layzeehbum

    Student Diary 2010

    Oh does anyone know where I can grab them? Apart from during O'day :p
  12. layzeehbum

    Summer session queries

    Max. 2 subjects
  13. layzeehbum

    Summer session queries

    ROFL. Um the mid smester exam was quite easy I think, but quite tricky :p (since I made lots of stupid mistakes), and the format of the exam is very similar to the AP questions. The final is a bit more challenging I guess? But I managed to get a D for the subject, so I don't think it was...
  14. layzeehbum

    Anyone did QBA???

    O_O AAARGGGHHH den it is hard >.< i onli got a credit in BStats :(
  15. layzeehbum

    A Second Chance?!

    omg.. just study ur a** off. that's all u need to know. if u fail, then thats too bad, but try again. if you're still failing, then look at other options: like doing part time instead of full time, or get help from peer tutors or friends. dont forget to get involved in outside...
  16. layzeehbum

    A Second Chance?!

    I'm not so sure how it works but to my understanding, it's something along like this, - the GPA grade for HD is 4 - And lets assume the cp for each subjects taken are 6 cps - During the normal year you've already taken 48cps, with the total GPA of 2.0 So your new GPA would be = 96 + (4*6) /...
  17. layzeehbum

    Laptops @ UTS

    I don't see that many people using laptops during lectures though... especially in Econ when you have to draw the graphs etc
  18. layzeehbum


    So what's considered a good GPA? I calculated mine and its onli 2.3 sumting