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  1. mserica

    HRM317 - Management of Change and Learning

    Is anyone doing HRM 317 this semester??
  2. mserica

    Distance Education

    ..So I have heard a few things about distance education and Charles Sturt, just wondering if anyone has undertaken post graduate studies via distance? Thanks
  3. mserica


    Hi All, So im dreading my final psych subject and would love to know if anyone in here currently doing PSY307 - Organisational Psych??
  4. mserica

    Summer School Results

    ...... the wait is almost over...... For those who completed a subject during the summer, how do you think you went?
  5. mserica

    BUSL350 - Marketing and Management Law

    Has anyone done this...... or doing this.. Im contemplating doing this during summer however I have only ever done BUSL250 before and hoping someone can let me know if its extremely difficult to undertake..... I Dont want to waste 1600 dollars on something that ill have to do again later in...
  6. mserica

    SOC290 - Anyone comp currently doing this?

    Just want to see who else is doing Soc290 this semester... of if people have done it and can help out with the "Critical Review"?
  7. mserica


    ...Has anyone done this - or doing this during the summer program, do you think its difficult for someone who has only done BUSL250 to undertake this subject?
  8. mserica

    Anyone doing PSY105 - Full Report

    I am having trouble with the statistics... is there anyone doing PSY105 this semester?
  9. mserica

    Investment Banking Position

    Okay... I need your thoughts, I am currently in the process of obtaining a position within an Investment Bank and would like to know what others believe working in an investment bank would be like, eg. culture, performance etc I have heard the sterotype, hard, fast, cruel and full of men...
  10. mserica

    PSY104 Exam

    I have read through some threads from 2005 and 2006 and they have helped with regards to the PSY104 Final Exam. Skittled mentioned in another thread HRM students he knows find psychology hard, i dont know him, but I will put myself into that group. I understand completely the HRM subjects...
  11. mserica

    International Human Resources - Anyone done this?

    I'm looking at doing International HRM at Monash next semester via correspondence, and would like some info about the course... I found it hard to navigate around the monash website... (but thats the same with every uni - always difficult to find information). If anyone has done this course or...
  12. mserica

    OUA - Open Universities Australia

    I'm looking at completing a course through OUA during their Study Period Four (which is like 26 Nov 07 to 22 Feb 08). I am unsure as to how to be certain that the subject I undertake will be inline with my B.HRM degree at MQ. I have read through the requirements on the MQ site, though am still...
  13. mserica

    Working Full Time .... Should I do Three Subjects Next Semester

    ... the decision.... that I just cant seem to make... Should I do three subjects next semester or stick to two! One is already external and thats why I am thinking that maybe doing an extra one wont be so hard... so I would ultimately be at uni only two nights a week but would be studying...
  14. mserica

    Travelling....Around the World

    Well as some of you know im taking 4-5 months off work next year (and uni) and travelling around the world!! I know its probably not the right thread and that it should be in the Travel thread however I know some of you have done some overseas stints and would like your feedback on where to go...
  15. mserica

    BUSL250 - Summer School Exam

    Okay, I am sure that there are a few people who have done BUSL250 before, and I am stressing as the exam is in a few days! I am going over the past papers and as their are no answers to check, I am unsure if I am on the right track!! Does anyone have the answers to the past papers of Business...
  16. mserica

    BBA111 - Report

    I thought i would make an early start on the Major Research Report for BBA111. Reading over the info and the results given, im completely clueless as to how exaclty am I to interprut the results and ensure that an accurate report is given. I am also stressing because our tutor said that so...
  17. mserica

    Stat 170 <-- HELP

    Okay, Im slightly stressed out... I am having troubles with Stat170, i have been doing the Gnats and Wasps, but i have no idea if i am on the right track with the Gnat thats due this weekend, If anyone loved stats and remembers how to: Find the value of z such that the total area under the...
  18. mserica

    Summer School

    Okay, I know its a little early to be talking about Summer School... but If i am going to do it, I need to know the info in advance, so i can, if needed take time off from work. I have found out that I can do a subject in summer school and wanted to know a little more as to how it all works, i...
  19. mserica

    Any Part Time Bach HRM Students?

    I just started studying HRM at Macquarie, and wanted to know if there are any Part Time/Evening students doing HRM as I would like to bounce ideas off other students......