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  1. layzeehbum

    Left my usb! =(

    I left my usb last friday in one of the haymarket campus computer labs. Is there any chance of getting it back???
  2. layzeehbum

    Student Diary 2010

    Oh does anyone know where I can grab them? Apart from during O'day :p
  3. layzeehbum

    Anyone did QBA???

    Just wanna kno how hard the subject is. Someone told me is pure maths O_O? Is that true? And do we realli need to buy the textbook? Coz I checked the Coop textlist and it's so pricey! I mean if we don't even need the textbook like BStats.... P.S.: If anyone have a soft copy of the subject...
  4. layzeehbum

    U:PASS... helpful or not?

    If it is, I would probably start attending next semester haha XD
  5. layzeehbum

    about lecture notes and tutorial reading materials

    do we have to print them off from the uts online ourselves? or are they gonna give it to us during lectures and tutorials?
  6. layzeehbum

    how 2 double my biz degree wid law

    is there a way of doubling my business degree with law for my 2nd year? if there is den wats the procedures? like mayb doing reali well in all my business subjects?
  7. layzeehbum

    not so many business first years during today's orientation

    =_=lll and i was looking forward to make new friends ! TT__TT
  8. layzeehbum

    can you get kicked out?

    if you do poorly and have bad attendance record?
  9. layzeehbum

    timetable questions

    just wondering if it's better to have your lectures first then ur tutes or ur tutes first then your lectures? i asked the lady from the lab and she told me that it's all depends on the availability of the lectures and tutorials... but i thought we're revising lecture stuff during tutorials...
  10. layzeehbum

    its about joining student clubs...

    do we have to join the uts union first then we'll be able to join the student clubs? or we can just join the student clubs straight away without having to join the uts union? since i really dont see the point of getting the uts union membership...
  11. layzeehbum

    how 2 get 2 this building?

    i need 2 go 2 building 10 for my enrolment.... so how do i get there? do i just catch 372 to railway square and then cross the streets, keep going to the left and turn right after i pass the tower building? im so gonna be lost.... and the uts map from the website is not very helpful -_-lll
  12. layzeehbum

    nervous about uni...

  13. layzeehbum

    any business first years here?

    nice 2 meet u ^^
  14. layzeehbum

    about uni preferences.. help

    my uncle confuses me just then i wanna know how this uni prefernces system works... lets say my uai is 87 and the uai cut off for b busines is uts is 91 and then my second pref would be b property eco with the cut off of 83 since im picking a business course at this random uni, i would...
  15. layzeehbum

    im so sad about my uai!!!!!!!!

    TT__TT most of the ppl in my year get lots of band 6s!!!!!!!!!! now i feel really bad about putting only 50% effort into the HSC... couldve done way better... a lot better.... TT__TT im totally screwed
  16. layzeehbum

    b economics at unsw or b business at uts?

    got my uai but it's below the cut offs. but with xtra bnus points, i still hav a chance 2 get in. since both of the courses have the same cut offs... which ones do you think is a better course? ( i have equal interest lol) if i do unsw b eco, den i would major in acc n eco but if i do uts b...
  17. layzeehbum

    questions about uai bonus scheme....

    i got my uai but i didnt get to the course i wanted. according to the uai bonus calculator, i can get an extra 5 points but the thing is everyone who's doing this course will get extra bonus points right? and even if with your bonus points, you passed the uai cut off for that course...
  18. layzeehbum

    b com at macquarie city campus

    is any1 doing this course at the moment? coz im interested but i want 2 hear opinions from current students... btw how much is the annual fee? coz the web states that it's > 10k but other uni fee like from unsw and uts is like less than 10k....
  19. layzeehbum

    combined b business/ b med science?

    anyone doing this course atm? coz i really wanna know if this course is good or not... im hoping 2 get into biz but if dun den i'd rather do it combined ( since the uai is way lower) is med science interesting?or should i just double business with science? and do i need 2 have assumed...
  20. layzeehbum

    can someone give a rough estimate for my uai?

    im a bit stressed bcoz of dis.... even though dere's nothing i can do now here's my ranking and trial mark english advanced 22/57 - 74 economics 2/24 - 89 mathematics 5/52 - 77 mathematics ext 1 18/30 - 32 physics 10/17 - 66 accounting (unknown - but expecting marks in the 90s)