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  1. tess_gee

    Course Cutoffs

    Hi guys, do you think it is at all possible to make into my course with a 95.15 UAI when the cutoff is 95.45? Just wondering... Thanks!
  2. tess_gee

    PIP Awards 2009

    Does anyone know when the 2009 PIP awards notifications are released? It has probably already happened but I was just wondering.
  3. tess_gee

    PIP Methodologies

    Hi, just wondering how many methodologies we are meant to use in our PIPs? Like 2-3? Because I am just finishing the collation of my primary/secondary research and I want to start writing soon. I have done a survey, an interview and (possibly) content analysis Thanks :o
  4. tess_gee

    No motivation for Artwork

    Does anyone hate their major work? I am so unmotivated to work on it and it is worth fifty percent. I feel as if I am going to never finish it... I have always worked slowly and methodically and am nowhere near halfway through. I don't want to do anything for it! Does anyone else feel like this...