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  1. ghostman_on_3rd

    Binomial Theorm

    hello, i need help with this question: Find the greatest term in (5-4x)^12, if x = 2/3 Books answer: 12C4 (5^8)(8^4)(3^-4) My answer: 12C5 (5^7)(-8^5)(3^-5)
  2. ghostman_on_3rd

    Enviro through time question- help plz !

    hi im having trouble answering this question: "suggest a reason why the levels of ultraviolet were higher on land than in the ocean." Thanks in advance
  3. ghostman_on_3rd

    Simple harmonic motion question

    hi im having trouble with this question, i need help. A point moves with SHM; if when at distances of 3 and 4cm from the centre of its path, its velocities are 8 and 6cm/s respectively, find its period and its acceleration when at its greatest distance from the centre. thanks in advance<!--...
  4. ghostman_on_3rd

    Simple Harmonic motion

    Bit confused with shm...how do you do this question? A particle moving with SHM starts from rest at a distance of 8m from the centre of oscillation. If the period is 4 seconds, find the initial acceleration.
  5. ghostman_on_3rd

    Projectile motion, plz help

    hi, how do you this ? A body is prjected from a point 80m above the ground with a velocity of 20 m/s at an angle of 60 degrees above the horizontal. Assuming the ground horizontal, find when and where it will strike the ground thanks in advance
  6. ghostman_on_3rd

    Growth and decay

    Hi how do you do this question? An oven has been heated to a constant temperature of 250*c. An object with a temperature of 10*c is placed in the oven and after 15minutes its temperature is measured as 70*c What will be the temperature of the object after 30minutes? thanks in advance
  7. ghostman_on_3rd

    Growth and decay

    Hi can someone check the answer for me? i got 5488kg/m^2 but the answer says 8488kg/m^2 1. Air pressure at an altitude of a metres is given in kilograms per square metre by the formula p = p0 e^ka, where k = -0.00012. If the pressure at the earth's surface is 10000kg/m^2, what is the...
  8. ghostman_on_3rd

    Rate of change help plz

    1. A vessel is of such a shape that when the depth of water is x cm the volume is V cm^3, where V = 30x+x^3. Water is pured into the empty vessel at the rate of 25cm^3/s. At what rate is the level of the water rising when the depth is 5cm? Thanks in Advance
  9. ghostman_on_3rd

    Motions Question

    Hi can someone work this question out for me? i got the answer x = 48.5 1. A particle moves along the x-axis with an acceleration given by a=6t+3. When t=0, x=5 and the velocity of the partcle is 1unit per second. Find the position of the particle after 3 seconds. Thanks
  10. ghostman_on_3rd

    Area of integration, help plz

    Calculate the area of the region bounded by: y=1/x^2 + 2 y= -2x+5 x = 4 Answers were not given Thanks in advance.
  11. ghostman_on_3rd


    Hi, i was wondering...Will the final HSC standard english exam contain anything from "Experiences through language" topic? Thanks
  12. ghostman_on_3rd

    HELP ! - Logs

    Solve for x. Log(base a) 16x = 3log(base a) x Thanks in advance ------------------------------------------- edit Is x =0 and x = 4 and x = -4? I don't have the real answer for this question
  13. ghostman_on_3rd

    Series And Sequence

    Hi, I forgot how you do these type of questions again. Find the smallest term of the sequence 400, 200, 100,..... which is greater than 3 Thanks in advance!