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  1. fleck27

    Whats it like living in Armidale?

    Im interested in going to UNE, but I dont really know much about the city at all, only that the last and only time I went there it was friggen FREEZING! Can anyone give me a few good points?
  2. fleck27

    Proofreading symbols

    Ahhh, I searched on google and cant find the correct set of proofreading symbols, like the ones used in the 2007 exam....does anyone have all of them? I dont know what they are :(
  3. fleck27

    Long Answer Response

    In the exam, are these responses meant to have an intro, conclusion and be really structured? or is it more just put down what you can???
  4. fleck27

    Criminal Justice Issue

    I have noooo idea about this. The issue im picking is majority decisons- jury cos the one i did my assignment on was a bit crap. But I have like no actual legislation except for the Jury Act...does anyone have anymore info?
  5. fleck27

    Can someone help with a UAI estimate? (sorry)

    I know there is alot of these, but I really dont understand the system Legal Studies- 1/9- Trial Mark 92 Assessment: 87.3 Modern History- 3/15- Trial Mark 91 Assessment: 89.8 Maths General- 13/54- Trial mark 82 Assessment 80.9 English Advanced- 15/91- Trial mark 82 Assessment 82.3 Business...
  6. fleck27

    World Order quotes

    Apparently its good to have lots of interesting quotes in your World Order essay....anyone have any good ones? All I have is "You can do alot with diplomacy, but with diplomacy backed up by force you can get alot mroe done"- Kofi Annan Please help :)
  7. fleck27

    Developing Office Skills

    Does anyone use this textbook, if so, is it any good? Its the only one I could find for this topic, and i really need some kind of text book which gives me a better outline of the content than the notes I already have. Is it worth me paying $58 for? If not, are there any other textbooks for...
  8. fleck27

    International Studies

    On the UTS website for International Studies it says that there is no guarantee that students will get their chosen country elective So, I was just wondering, how many people do International Studies, and if you do it, did you have any difficulties getting your country of choice? I really...