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  1. hidemyass

    More Emoticons Page Not Found

    The more emoticons page http://community.boredofstudies.org/misc.php?do=getsmilies&editorid=vB_Editor_001 is dead...
  2. hidemyass

    SMH Plain English Speaking Award

    Anyone participating in the SMH Plain English Speaking Award for 2012?
  3. hidemyass

    Where's the Extracurricular Activity forum?

    I couldn't find it in Search so did I overlook it or is there not an Extracurricular Activity forum?
  4. hidemyass

    Free Web Hosting

    What are some good free website hosting and site building services that are free?
  5. hidemyass

    Your Facebook Privacy Settings

    What's your general Facebook privacy setting set to? Public (Everyone) Friends of Friends Friends Only Custom (Friends of Friends) ~ Custom = Friends of Friends by default unless changed Custom Only Me
  6. hidemyass

    Bypass Web Filter with Proxy Site

    Suggestions? Hide My Ass and KProxy are good but obviously blocked at college...
  7. hidemyass

    Is it true that drama is the lowest scaling HSC subject for 2012?

    Thought it was Industrial Tech but someone said it was drama...
  8. hidemyass

    Good Jersey Companies

    What are some good companies that make Jerseys for sporting teams, Year 12 or special events?
  9. hidemyass

    High level Essay Structure

    I remember in junior high school, TEEL and SEXC were taught as good guidelines to write essays, are such frameworks sufficient enough for high level HSC and uni standards?
  10. hidemyass

    Facebook Timeline

    Thoughts on Facebook's new timeline feature... And I have a question: if something is available on the timeline but restricted by the audience selector (privacy settings), it is still visible to all friends (because everything on Timeline is available to friends)?
  11. hidemyass

    Is there a PDF file from SMH with school ranks like last year?

    I've bought today's SMH but does anyone have a digital/searchable version of the honour roll? Thanks
  12. hidemyass

    What does an * next to a subject mean on HSC/ATAR Certificate?

    My friend says that a * (astriek) next to the subject name means that you've failed and got less than 50% in that subject. Is this true?
  13. hidemyass

    17.3" High Performance Notebook Medion

    17.3" High Performance Notebook Medion Is this a good computer to get? http://aldi.medion.com/md98770/au/?refPage=aldi
  14. hidemyass

    Dell XPS 14z Laptop

    Thoughts on Dell XPS 14z Laptop http://www.dell.com/us/p/xps-l412z/fs Picture: Is the $1,299 model worth it?
  15. hidemyass

    iMovie on Windows PC

    Does anyone know how to emulate iMovie in Windows? I need a good (preferably free) video editing suite for multimedia project! Suggestions please...
  16. hidemyass

    Wait until Windows 8 or buy Windows 7 laptop?

    And also anyone have suggestions for a All-Rounder or Video Editing PC?
  17. hidemyass

    Taking Legal Action against school

    My (private) school's been very mean to me and other students. They denied us 2U Legal Studies, 3U English Extension and 3U History Extension (because they couldn't be bothered giving us a teacher for 8 students). On my school's website, it says that if there is adequate demand the course...
  18. hidemyass

    Past Papers and Sample Exam Questions

    Board of Studies provides free past HSC exams for revision and study. Is there a legitimate (and preferably free) source for obtaining general past examinations/sample questions for the Year 11 Preliminary Courses?
  19. hidemyass

    Sample Preliminary Examinations

    Does anyone know about any Preliminary Modern History sample examinations (end of year/semester 2) available for revision and study purposes?